Black women, why do you hate black men so intensely? PART I





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Published on Sep 17, 2013

The purpose of this video is to ask a question, in an effort to resolve a very serious epidemic within the "black" community. This is also an attempt to open the floor for healthy dialogue.

The time has come for women of color to get our homes back in order. The time has come for black men to claim the lives and existence of his children, while completely asserting himself as their father. It's "Healing Time." I tend to stress the word "epidemic" due to the severity of this disease which has plagued the black family for decades. We are now in the fourth and final stage. The disease has not been contained in one isolated area. The disease has spread rapidly and extensively throughout an entire nation, while infecting our entire race.

This disease, in many cases, has caused irreparable damage. For far too long, there has not been a cure, there has not been an antidote, there have not been any case studies conducted, which could have or would have identified the "Culprit." To be perfectly honest, there is no need for a scientific study. There is no need to bother with gathering data, as a means to identify the "Culprit." There is no need to randomly select any test subjects to support the evidence that has stood right before us for decades. What matters now, is the antidote. We have had the antidote since the beginning of time. The antidote is love, compassion, and the willingness to understand and overcome. The time has come for black women to collectively atone for our past transgressions.

Upon being set free as slaves, black people were mislead and were not given all pertinent information in order to make sound decisions for the futures of our families. In other words, slaves were never debriefed! Do you feel me?

How do we move forward? Thank you for asking. We move forward as a race of people, with a sincere and heartfelt apology for not trusting black men to provide for our families. We owe an apology for systematically taking part in the "high tech castration" of black men. We owe black men an apology for allowing ourselves to be used a PAWNS in a game we were never equipped to win. We owe black men an apology for forgiving "THE OPPRESSOR" for every egregious and unkind act perpetrated against him. Yet we find it difficult to forgive him forgetting to bring home milk and eggs. Do you feel me?

We have stripped our men of their paternal rights and have cast them aside. Many black women are raising children by choice and not by force. Often times, black women allow their children to beLIEve the father abandoned them. To be honest, we have in some cases, made it so difficult for men to participate in the well being our children's lives. We have made it difficult for our children's fathers to pick the kids up for an ice cream cone. It often takes an Act of Congress to simply get a phone call through to the children, without chaos and DRAMA! For that, we owe black men everywhere an apology. We have singlehandedly caused our men to go to jail when we could not control them, only to show up hours later and bail them out. This was the beginning of the "control by fear" epidemic, which inadvertently created a major encore role for the "Hero Syndrome." In that, I mean chaos is created by an individual, and that same individual shows up to save the day. We learned how to control by fear from the oppressor. This epidemic continues within the black community, and has been inherited by younger generations.

The time has come to put an end to the undeniably egregious hatred. Whether it is on the job, at church, at the grocery store, at the gas station or at home, the hatred exists. Generations of black men are waiting to hear from us with an open mind and a open heart. They are eager to forgive us and move forward. Many of our Brothers long to hold their babies, take them to school, talk to them about their day and so much more. Many men long to have sons and toss them their first ball. Many Brothers yearn to teach their daughters what it means to be loved by a man. These privileges have been stripped! The black man has been replaced by a black woman, pretending to be a black man. We gave in to this evil when we began to tell one another Happy Father's Day. How dare we tell one another that, when we are not qualified, nor equipped to be fathers! While that's another conversation within itself, I did insert it because it's factual and a source of "The Rise and Fall of the Black Family". Do you feel me?

Thank you in advance for watching the content, and for adding value to the conversation with your feedback. Remember, we can agree to disagree agreeably.

~Peace and Grace


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