Under the Stars (Movie-One) Episode- 33 (JEMI)





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Published on Jun 17, 2012

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I raised my eyebrow at his question. *I mean sleep. Just sleep.* He laughed. *Brad's right, you do have a dirty mind.* I smacked him across his chest. *Kidding!* He laughed. *So?*

How did I get here? Having the option to sleep in the arms of the guy I had been crushing on for so long? Seeing him and wishing he'd at least notice me and send a smile my way was always a hope and dream for me. And now, here he is. Smiling directly at me and looking at me as if I'm the only girl in the world. *Yes.*

He smiled brightly, like a little boy loving his candy. *Yes.* He cupped my face, bringing me closer. *I'm a lucky guy.* His lips over lapped mine and I loved the feeling he brought to me. My arms wrapped around his neck and I pulled myself closer, moving my lips in synch with his. His teeth nibbled down on my lower lip as I opened and felt his tongue slid in to meet mine. Oh god he was a good kisser. He knew exactly what to do with his lips, teeth... Tongue. He moved it with such care around my mouth boarders. Caressing his tongue with mine and savoring the taste. His teeth rubbed against my lips again and bit down, dragging a low moan from the back of my throat. I felt hands trailed down, curving lower on my waist and then cupping both cheeks, pulling me to him. But quickly, I pulled back, sensing my barriers weaken. *Joe...*

He trailed his lips down my cheek, throat and landing on my neck. His hands regained their grip on my hips, tighter. *Just sleep?* He asked with knowing disappointment.

I held myself up by his shoulder. I felt ready to melt if he hadn't been holding me up. *Just sleep.* I answered.

He pulled away, *Ok.*
I smiled, out of breath and completely drained from the touch of his lips and hands. And he was mine.

Waking up, I smiled at the tingle running down my spine from the breath hitting my neck from behind. Only one person has been making that sensation happen these past few days. I snuggled back, closer to him. *Mmm, don't do that so early in the morning.* I heard him whisper. *The term "morning wood" isn't just in say for campers searching for fire wood.* I blushed uncontrollably red. Thank heavens that I was faced away from him, but for some reason, I don't think that mattered any. His chuckle assured me of it. *And I've already told you how crazy you drive me.* A soft touch of his lips to my skin from behind made a rasp in my voice suppress. I shifted, turning to him and seeing his sleepy eyes burning into mine. And from a few feet over his shoulder, my sister's eyes bored into mine as well.

Bringing my packed bag to Joe's, I smiled down at him as he rolled the sleeping bag we both shared last night. *I'm ready.*

He chuckled, continuing his packing. *Well, aren't you the overachieving little camper.* He teased.

*Don't get all offended just because I'm better than you.*

He laughed, fastening the wrapped bag to his back pack and tiring it securely on as he stood. I squealed when he suddenly gripped my waist and yanked me to him. *Wanna say that again to my face now that I have the height advantage.* Joe toward a few feet above me, his lean built made my stomach fill with want.

I gripped his shoulders and pulled myself up. *I am better than you.* I repeated with confidence and dropped back to the soles of my feet.

*Damn, so my intimidation doesn't work with an itty bitty girl but it gets my 175 plus pound linebacker to shut the hell up.* He motioned to Brad who struggled with putting down his tent.

I laughed, wrapping my arms around his waist. *Maybe because that 175 plus linebacker can't give you what I can.* I leaned up and bit down on his neck, making him tense under my touch. Since when did I get so overly confident with Joe? I still found it unbelievable how much more secure he was making me feel about myself. And I've only known him 3 days and a half.

*And what's that?*

I pulled back, trailing my lips down to his Adam's apple and up his chin. *Um,* I teased, biting my lip. *Truthful criticism on how bad your taste in music really is?*

Shaking his head, he narrowed his eyes down at me. *Very funny.* He quickly kissed me. *So how was the camping trip?*

*Better than I thought it would be.* I admitted with a smile. *My parents will be so proud that I finally learned to socialized.*

Joe laughed, tilting his head to the side. *Does socializing mean having a hot, extra sexy, jerk jock for a boyfriend?*

I smirked, pulling back from his embrace. *Are you my boyfriend? I mean, I don't remember you asking.*

His cheeky smile appeared as he took my chin in between his index finger and thumb. *Will you be my girlfriend?* I smiled, but it quickly faded and Joe's frown followed. *What's wrong?*

I bit my lips, contemplating on what I went to sleep thinking. The past days have been too good to be true. Too good to be true? Could it be?

With a sigh, I looked away. *I have doubts.*

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