Summers Not Hot- A Jelena Love Story; Ch.8





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Published on Jun 21, 2012

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Justin: What the hell dude? Your cheating on Selena?
Josh: Whatever, my girls are waiting. See you later -leaves-
Selena: -about to walk out the front door-
Justin: -sees her- Hey. Where you going?
Selena: Josh wants to see me -smiles-
Justin: Oh...Josh.
Selena: -laughs- Yeah, Josh...
Justin: I need to talk to you about him.
Selena: -confused- Whats up?
Justin: He hooked up with some girls last night at the party.
Selena: W-what?
Justin: Yeah, I'm sorry--
Selena: Thats not true.
Justin: What? Yeah it is.
Selena: People think of Josh as a bad person but he isn't. He wouldn't do that to me.
Justin: Why would I lie to you?
Selena: -shrugs- I'll see you later.
Justin: -thinks: Screw it. If she doesn't want to believe me, then let her.- Bye
Selena: -looks at Justin; knows hes mad but walks out anyways-
Selena: -walks into the house-
Mandy: Selena, honey is that you?
Selena: -walks into the kitchen; smiles- Hi Mom
Mandy: Hey. Where were you?
Selena: With Josh -looks at Justin; then back at her mom-
Mandy: Oh okay. Well, dinner is ready.
Selena: Ok.
*They sit at the dinner table with Pattie and Justin*
Pattie: So, Justin what did you do today?
Justin: Nothing really. -thinks: Well...this is awkward.-
Mandy: Selena, you were with Josh the whole day?
Selena: Can we stop talking about him?! Why do you always have to talk about Josh?!
Mandy: -shocked- What?
Selena: Sorry. -gets up; goes to her room-
Mandy: I'll go talk--
Justin: Is it okay if I go?
Mandy: Sure. Go ahead
Justin: -goes upstairs-
Selena: -sitting on her roof-
Justin: -walks into her bedroom; closes the door; climbs through her window and sits next to her-
Selena: -looking straight ahead-
Justin: -looking where shes looking- Um...what was that about?
Selena: -looks down; voice shaky- I broke up with Josh today.
Justin: -surprised- You did?
Selena: Yeah...what you said today, I couldn't stop thinking about it when I was with him. And I believe you about it.
Justin: -smiles- Good, but are you okay?
Selena: I just don't get it... -tearing up- all guys always cheat on me. Theres obviously something about me--
Justin: Sel, theres nothing wrong with you. Your pretty, funny and sweet. These guys don't know what they're missing out on
Selena: -looks at Justin; smiles a little-
Justin: -smiles back-
*silent for a couple seconds*
Justin: How about we head back inside?
Selena: Yeah...my mom probably thinks I'm crazy.
Justin: -laughs- Leggo
Selena: -walks downstairs-
Mandy: -doing the dishes- Selena, are you okay?
Selena: Yeah, I'm sorry.
Mandy: Were you crying?
Selena: Um..no.
Mandy: You sure your okay?
Selena: -smiles- Yes. Justin helped me out -goes to pick up the plates from the dining room-
Mandy: -mouths to Justin "Thank you"-
Justin: -smiles-

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