Woman Goes Crazy In a McDonalds





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Published on Jan 12, 2010

Woman doesn't get what she wants and she goes crazy!!!

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This is what happens when you don't get your HAPPY meal.
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Mandy From Mars
I see you everywhere.
Brian Preston
+thatgirlkelly1 now that's funny  
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Fat nigger bitch. Why are they all like this?
akber khan
Rasit shit
hi, im a racist white peckerwood and I like to troll the internet and find videos with black people in them and call them vile names like nigger and baboon cause I don't have the guts to step up to a real black person for fear of getting my face kicked off for saying that in there face. so I go on the internet and say racist shit in safety while I just fucked my little sister in the ass! shame on me, because I am truly a disgusting human piece of crap and I should have never been born!  thanks for reading, now im gonna go fuck my mom!
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you have an i q equal to an empty box of condoms!!
Delvin Walton
+Soulskool502 u are just welfare monkey trash to go back to africa
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Holdyour Plums
Probably the most exercise she's had in years 'The Mac D Workout Range' I'm loving it.
amber lopez
That black women's work is done for the day. Now give her a welfare check....LOL
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+joe kind I know you don't need to because the most accurate facts you get to post on the internet. you first pull out of your rear.
migo dang
dont need to
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Josh Hernandez
Damn that fat black bitch was hungry
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amber lopez
+Victoria 25566 I think I just threw up in my mouth. You're so gross!!
+amber lopez I'd love to rearrange your face!!!
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Raiku Anime
Happy New Years to all the niggers out there!
Carlos Danger
More jaboonery from the asphalt apes. Lol.
Julie Hobbs
What else do you expect from the entitled negroids? We integrated you, we fought and died for your rights, we tore our nation apart while 620,000 Americans died for you because we wanted you free, & we've spent a half century trying to atone for things that our ancestors did... and what do you do? You "culturally enrich" us with one sided poverty stats & prison populations, lower our nations school stats to the most laughable in the developed world. And worst of all, you show no appreciation for any of the things White Western Civilizations has done to benefit you. 620,000 FOR WHAT?! You monkeys are an absolute disgrace...
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+Julie Hobbs you go girl
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dumb ass bitch, I hope she has to pay for the damage.
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Nani Singleton
So what you're REALLY saying is to enjoy all the posts from hypocrites.  Oh, I do. Posts like yours are always amusing and good for a laugh.  
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