Deer hunting with a primitive bow!





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Published on Jul 10, 2009

http://primitivepathways.com Take a step back in time to experience a piece of our prehistoric past. Join me in a self-filmed and self-edited from-the-ground hunt using a stone-age bow in the pursuit of whitetail deer. Can a hunter using the weapon of our ancestors get close enough to a wary deer and bring home meat for his family? Watch the video and find out.....

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Jim Dussias
Man, there some amazingly stupid negative comments. The doe obviously dropped at the sound of the shot and the arrow hit it high. It most likely recovered from that hit. Two inches lower and it would have been a clean kill. Billy is an ethical hunter and excellent shot. I've hunted with him here in Florida, his skills are top notch.
Chris Gordon
It looked like a good hit at first glance. Even though the deer was lost, this is a great video and shows the pitfalls of hunting when they rear their ugly little heads. I give kudos to the effort of hunting like men hunted millennia before us! Too bad there are a bunch of boobs always available to talk smack about a man's efforts to honor the past. Probably the same ilk that hunt from a four-wheeler or a truck and can't stand to walk a few miles for their prey. Yes, I proclaim myself a boob as well, only I applaud the efforts and do not judge the misfortunes. It is part of life and learning skills. Cheers!
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Martin Little
Wow shooting with bare skin…no gloves. Just to way in on the conversion it doesn't matter if you use a top-of-the-line Matthews solo cam compound or a 'ol hickory flat bow you are going to lose deer and not even Fred Bear had 100% kill rate (although it was pretty damn good I think in his book he said around 70-80%) In fact my compound bow hunter friend who only practiced a few days before deer season wounded 7 deer one season because his sights were 'set' out to 50 yards and by god he was going to shoot out to 50 yards. This was a VERY ethical high probability shot (flat ground 12-15 yards broadside), obviously everyone who has been commenting negatively has never actually done anything but lay around and complain or else they would share the remorse in not getting a deer.
good job injuring that poor deer
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elk hunter
My guess, the deer is fine. Looked like it might have hit the scapula and bounced off. As stated in the video, no blood on the shaft = no penetration. Deer are hardier then people think.
Joey Bright
Every time i read something about animal cruelty i want to punch a baby deer in the face
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Eis Wolf
Well done you hit a innocent creature 
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Hey man, I thought you had her at first! I've lost deer even with a modern setup, shit happens
Slim Jim
When hunting with a self bow stuff happens.  The shot looked high but was probably lethal your just not going to get much blood from a shot that high especially with such a small arrowhead, and no pass through.     If you look at real native american arrowheads they're very heavy compared to modern arrowhead.  That's because you need about 600+ grains of total weight to get penetration from a self bow.    Hats off for trying it's not easy and native americans practiced their entire lives.  Generally we have to work 10 hours a day, and spend our childhoods watching cartoons.  So we'll never be as proficient as our ancestors were.    I'll stick to my Hoyt Charger for my bow hunting.     However deer die all the time, and nothing in nature is wasted.  The buzzards, and coyote's ate well.
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benney boy
best hunting video ever with the comments and the rewinds wow your realy talented ! good job
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