How to make water kefir (tibicos) - easy home made probiotic drink!





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Published on Jan 27, 2009


My klutzy video on how simple it is to care for water kefir (hope you get a laugh out of when the container slips from my hand and my evidently erroneous pronunciation of kefir.) However you want to say it, water kefir is a wonderful, good-tasting natural probiotic gift for our body's health which is very easy to care for. If well cared for, it will multiply and you'll have plenty to share with others.

*Always use only glass containers, plastic utensils and non-chlorinated water for your water kefir. Remember chlorine (and chlorinated water) kills bacteria, and water kefir is a probiotic culture of beneficial bacteria and yeasts.

*My water kefir love and thrive on the mexican cane sugar lumps called piloncillo or panocha and if you are in the US they can be found in most every supermarket in the hispanic foods section.

*My water kefir were given to me by a friend who got them from a naturopath in Guadalajara, which is probably why they love piloncillo.

*Since piloncillo is fairly unrefined, it may occasionally contain small slivers of cane fiber, which cause no hard to your water kefir and can be strained out. Piloncillo, being a fairly unrefined and more natural form of sugar has more beneficial properties than refined sugars. It imparts a light, sweet molasses taste to the water kefir.

*Water kefir cultures are also called tibicos, tibetan mushrooms, chinese mushrooms, japanese water crystals.

*Water kefir is a traditional health remedy among indigenous Mexican peoples, and is used to make a fermented drink called tepache.

*Though the water kefir grains eat sugar, the resulting drink after 24 hours contains very little sugar. The grains digest it and produce the healthful drink which is lightly carbonated and has about a 1% alcohol content. Basically, water kefir is a home-brewed health tonic!

*You can find many references on the internet which detail the health benefits of water kefir, but the primary effect of drinking it is to colonize your digestive tract with the beneficial, healthy bacteria that help you digest food and keep your system functioning cleanly and properly, but are often destroyed by use of antibiotics and poor dietary habits, and and thus drinking water kefir helps you avoid many maladies caused by intestinal sensitivity, poor digestion. slow digestion (which allows toxins to accumulate and in turn irritate the colon, even predisposing it to cancer) and food-related allergies. The friend who gave them to me (don't laugh) said they worked miracles with eliminating his severe case of hemorrhoids. I've had problems with nervous colitis, gastritis, bloating and indigestion for a number of years, and I very rarely experience them now - a real and welcome improvement in my health! I even look a bit slimmer because I'm not so bloated. My husband is lactose intolerant and suffered a lot from constant indigestion, and now also rarely has any complaint, even if we eat later at night than he could before! We have been drinking water kefir since October 2008, and drinking a tall glass of water kefir first thing in the morning every day, within three days noticed the difference as our systems began to clean themselves out. Within a week, I noticed that I could eat without the meal making me bloat. Within three weeks, I noticed that I was slimmer and was able to keep my weight under control easier, which I attribute to more efficient digestion of nutrients and faster elimination of fats and waste products. Within a week, my husband noticed the reduction in the indigestion he normally constantly suffered, looks slimmer and also has found it much easier to control his weight. We don't really weigh much less - I think we just looked much fatter when we were so bloated from our digestive system reacting to everything we ate!

*Obviously, I am not a medical doctor or dietician, so anything I write here is just my opinion. Check out the facts for yourself, please. If you are taking medications or have a kidney or liver condition, just to be safe please consult with a doctor to make sure they won't cause any complications in your therapy. I don't know of any conflict with anything, but it's always good to make sure!


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