No Heaven Without You(A Jick Love Story)[ep.12]





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Published on Nov 23, 2009

I'm sorry guys, to much stuff is going on! I'll try and post the other two eps tonight. No promises though. I'm sorry.

So, He fell asleep and I, with effort, left. Not without noticing how he cute he is when he sleeps though, of course.
As I walked through the winter night I coudln't get him off my mind. What the hell is going on with me? I'm dead, why would I be falling in love now?
That's when it hit me. Like a million bean bags being shot at me through a gun, not as painful but what a blow. I realized now, and only now, that I was falling for him. I stopped in the middle of the streets and thought. As I took in the situation, Me being dead and him not. I knew how pointless it was but I just couldn't help myself. I mean Grrrrr! How do you not fall in love with that face?! and then something else hit me, and this time it was pretty much as painful.
I had to stay away from him. I couldn't fall for him harder than I already have if I can never be with him. That will ruin me. I'm already greiving enough from my own death. I wouldn't want to greive from my own unavailable love for the delicious Joe Jonas. Who is just Oh-So-Tasty, He makes me wanna.. Ugh! Stop! I gotta stay away from him.

And that's exactly what I did. All day Monday I stayed away from him. I thought about him as little as possible though I knew it was impossible not to think of him, but I tried my darndest. So I stayed at my house and sat on the front porch. I sat there all day. i didn't move and it was crazy I could do that. ALL DAY I sat there. Watch the cars and people pass. Watched the shadows of Henry Hallen walking by his windows. I couldn't bring myself to move though. I sat there and listened to my mothers stifled sobs that never seemed to end.

I thought I would turn into stone if I sat there any longer but it was better than my hell. I didn't expect to move, I didn't know when I planned to. But I was up on my feet when I saw someone walking across the feild, the way I had walked the night of my death, into the forest. I immediatley started my stride to who I knew in my gut was Joe.

I knew Henry wasn't in the forest waiting for him. But something about the forest. something about what happened to me there, made it utterly impossible to let him out of my sight. So I was by his side in an instant. Matching his footwork as we walked side-by-side into the trees that made him disappear. If there was anything I could do to make sure he would reappear out of that forest I would do it. Something was either wrong or something big was gonna happen. I could feel it in everything I had. I was shaking when I felt a cool breeze.

I stopped there and he gained a few paces in front of me. I felt a breeze. I FELT something! What was that. and DAMN it was cold. I quickly caught up with him though. I was baffled but not baffled enough to let him wander off alone. I started feeling more and more stuff. The leaves as they brushed against my skin. But it wasn't as if I was feeling it on my skin. It was as if my skin was numb but I could feel it in my muscles, underneath my skin. As we walked more and more up the descending hill the feelings became more prominant though. and soon I could feel it like I was real. It was hard to pay attention to Joe or my surroundings with this happening but my full attention was caught when I saw something familiar.

It was the clearing! The one where I came the night of my death. I left Joe as he sat down and looked at the winter sky, more like winter clouds. All you saw was gray. I thought it would start snowing soon. I walked through the trees until I saw the treehouse. . .


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