Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future (PS2) - 05/10 - Dolphin's Nightmare





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Uploaded on Dec 19, 2011

(Levels & Vitalits)
**********Dolphin's Nightmare**********
***Anguish of Dearth*** 0:05
Vitalit 1 - 0:25
Info: On top of the coral shelves just near the surface near the 1st Glyph telling you about the 2 globes you collected.
Vitalit 2 - 0:36
Info: In a ditch just below the coral shelves where Vitalit 1 was found.
Vitalit 3 - 0:54
Info: From the 2nd Glyph you encounter, which tells you your objective... head all the way west until you hit a stone wall and look around for a inlet with a cyan plant thing.
Vitalit 4 - 1:45
Info: Just near the surface at the top of one of the pod buildings. Look for the single antenna like things.
Vitalit 5 - 2:02
Info: Below the blocked passage with rocks that you have to jump over.

***Entrapment*** 7:43
Vitalit 1 - 8:25
Info: From where you start... hug the wall to your left and keep going until you come to a net-like wall. At the bottom is the Vitalit.
Vitalit 2 - 8:56
Info: Facing the big doors... check around the left side of the big doors. The Vitalit lies near a small net-like window.
Vitalit 3 - 9:10
Info: Hard to see due to the fog, but it lies on top of the spire above the prison building.
Vitalit 4 - 9:33
Info: Same as Vitalit 3, on the top of the spire above the prison building.
Vitalit 5 - 9:58
Info: Around the outer part of the prison building... look for a cave. The Vitalit lies at the end of it.

***Anguish of Dearth***
You revisit this level after saving the Resistance Leader who gives you a password. Carefully make your way pass the invisible lasers and once you are at the main area... kill off the 3 sharks in the area and speak to the Dolphin in one of the pods. The Dolphin will then move a boulder opening a path to the exit leading to Caverns of Hope.

***Caverns of Hope***
Vitalit 1 - 21:14
Info: Above the 2nd air pocket near the Power of Endurance.
Vitalit 2 - 22:52
Info: You REALLY can't miss this one... it's just at the bottom near the wall before you have to jump over.
Vitalit 3 - 24:04
Info: Hug the wall to your right as you enter the Resistance Camp. It's in one of the pods.
Vitalit 4 - 27:12
Info: In the second section near the end of it where you have to escort the Dolphin. You can't miss it.
Vitalit 5 - 30:08
Info: As you jump out of the water here it's in the air to your left. May take a few tries to get it.

(Total Vitalits)
Isle of Tranquility - 35/45
Man's Nightmare - 31/31 *Complete*
Dolphin's Nightmare - 15/33
I think the fog here broke the video quality so some parts may look fuzzy and some stuff, great... too dark to see and fuzzy quality.

In Caverns of Hope... escorting the Dolphin can take a few tries as if the Dolphin gets attacked, you will have to sonar the Dolphin to get it to turn around.

The Boss in Caverns of Hope can easily be killed if you use the Power of Sonar and drop a stalagmite on it. Just be sure you got enough health if you get eaten as it takes away a chunk of it.


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