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Published on Mar 30, 2012

me describing the worst trip of my life

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Stick to weed
Jon Desnoyers
You know whats cool? Not doing drugs and being a dumb ass ;) lol
Thank you for sharing your story Hun and congrats!! on staying sober. Keep it up, you have your whole life ahead of you. I hope others will benefit from your story as well. Take care :)
natalie mutton
You have just described pretty much the exact same thing that happened to me, someone laced a bong  with spice and gave it to me, i noticed something was wrong the moment i hit it and stopped straight away, within seconds it hit me and i was tripping.. all i remember is drifting in and out of different worlds almost. i was talking but couldnt't understand my own words, it wasn't even like gibberish, it was almost like everything i ever learnt vanished from my head, i didn't know who i was or what my life was. The worst part was when i drifted into what felt like death (no exaggeration here) i genuinely thought I had died and was just going through space and time. That itself sounds bad enough but it wasn't bothered about "being dead" at all,  it was when i realised that i was aware and still thinking. I honestly thought I was trapped between life and death for what felt like years and years and years (my heart is pounding at the thought of this memory) Can you imagine thinking you were dead and stuck in nothingness forever but completely aware of it?! I dont remember drifting out of this phase and i don't know how long i was tripping for but after that i recall feeling sick and urging (i thought i was projectile vomiting but apparently nothing was coming out of my mouth) and i don't remember anything other than just snapping back to reality so quickly it was like it never happened, it didn't wear off at all it was just gone like that.
Realize now
I see alot of people saying This isn't k2. I am 99.9% sure this is k2. K2 effects in all kinds of different ways depending on the chemical types and everybodys individual body. Ive smoked k2 before. First time i was in the 9th grade. Never did it again till my senior year right before school started during the summer. The first time it was diablo ..the second time is was sexy monkey. My trip was like hers. Every peace of my mind was gone everysingle thing that existed was hallucinating. I didnt feel like a person. I felt like a thought. Like as if a thought could be an object. Ive also been smoking real weed since 9thgrade. after my second time of trying k2 ..i cant smoke weed anymore. Because i dont have the trip of real weed. I have the trip like i did on k2. And i am verry light weight. But let me tell you..dont ever fuck around with k2. That shit doesnt play around. At all. It will kill you. Dont try it. Just learn from other peoples experiences please. I still walk around my house sober having the feeling of k2 paronia for no reason. Many ways it has effected me. And will affect you. Period. Dont do it. 
check out www.klove.com for positive and encouraging music. God bless you. Jesus loves you
Monsoon Harvard
The spirit world is real, when you take certain drugs it opens your soul up to demonic harassment. This is reality. It's a wake up call from Jesus Christ.
sam jabr
Ryan Sea Level
The Devils agent haha
Tony Bicycle
I know what your saying. I haven't smoked weed in like 3 years, but I smoked a lot of pcp because it was my choice of drugs. I can handle the pcp because I smoked for a long time & I been on a couple of bad trips before. I even smoked sherm, which is a dipped cigarette . I had good trips too where you felt like if you won the lotto, but just recently I tried k2 at a friends house , I was very drunk so I decided to take a couple of hits to see how it was like & it put me on a bad trip .Never again would I do K2. I rather smoke some dust. But I don't recommend drugs for anybody unless you know-how to handle yourself. Like you said ,just don't do drugs at all. Its a waste of money mind & good health.
Tyler Brey
Bought a 20 bag of what?
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