Electing a US President in Plain English





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Published on Aug 2, 2008

Short guide to understanding how the U.S. elects a new president. This has been viewed well over a million times and helped many people finally understand the Electoral College.

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Comments • 2,433

Melody Smith
What happened to one man, one vote?
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Liberty's Knight
+FREDZONED and who are you referring to?
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Falk Pokemonmaster
You helped me to understand that shitty system. Thank you
The system incredibly flawed and unfair to smaller states. Each particular vote should count.
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Fabrizio The electoral college prevents majority rule and gives the minority more power. You have no idea what you're talking about. A popular vote election in the U.S. would be more unfair. People in the largest cities would control the entire country. How fair is that?
Fabrizio Each vote counts in each state. America isn't just a giant country. Why do you think there are 50 states? States are supposed to have equal power with the federal government, which is why the president has to win the states. Without protection of the states, the populace would too often be at the mercy of the centralized federal government - something our founders wanted to avoid.
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BravoTwoZero Sadek
The US is basically an Oligarchy; not even close to being truly democratic. A system such as this one leaves many, many, MANY doors open when it comes to manipulation & fraud. If you want a truly democratic elections system, you let the population vote and the winner of the election will be the one who has most votes. Simple, easy, truly representative of the people and hard to manipulate.
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+DracoHandsome Seems like a pointless conversation, to me.
+BravoTwoZero Sadek Don't remember, don't care.
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Anthony Johnson
You skillfully neglected to mention that electors of the "electoral college" do NOT have to vote according to the popular vote in their state. They can, and have chosen the candidate opposite their states popular vote. It's a rigged game to assure the establishment has the final say, not the people.
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Anthony Johnson
@Bobby, The popular vote has never, I repeat, NEVER overridden the electoral college in a US presidential election. Try again..
Bobby Crim
it was a good point up until you went all tinfoil hat. There have been a number of elections where the person who won was not in line with the electors.
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Shari K.
Quantumphysics is easier to understand then the american "democracy" and its voting system.
+Shari K. Why did you bother then?It has been working for the US for many years.
USA is a REPUBLIC, it has never been a Democracy.
Med Med
Why not just count the number of people?
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Walter White
so which idiot came up with this system? are Americans really this retarded? do they just accept this bullshit system?
Binary Void
Wannabe Walter White, please refrain from ignorantly criticizing a system you have little to no knowledge of.
Pat Blo
This system was masterfully crafted to guard the oligarchs from infiltrators. The two parties cannot be challenged when they rule the elction process. Super delegates are the final wall of protection for the Democrats.
L . I . A _ M
Bernie 2k16 please vote guys so we dont have a corrupt president.
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Stocking Anarchy
I sure do love election season.
+L . I . A _ M LOL #RAGE
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Lord Genos
Hi I'm french and we learn and watch this video to study english in school.
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Beth Drummond
That would not be very good as this is about America not england
CJ Cahill
+Lord Genos Nah im joking! You got this!
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