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Uploaded on Jul 18, 2008

Due to request, I made another video explaining (hopefully better explaining) on how to make mod maps. This is not a tutorial! this is basicly for those who did not understand the last video this video is a response to. Go to this link here: http://yrarg.cncguild.net/index.php?p... and download either Red alert 2 INI files or Yuris Revenge ini files (depending on what kind of map you are making and what game its going to be on).

Once that is done, open the map you desire to mod, and go to OPTIONS, and uncheck Beginer mode, Afterwards, you should be able to go to EDIT and look towards the bottom and find an option called INI Editing, Click that.

From here should be a pop-up. It should have a few clickable boxes saying ADD and Delete and so fourth, near the top of the pop-up is 3 boxes (Below the drop-down list) and says in order: ADD, DELETE, INSERT OTHER INI FILE (atleast something like that). click the one that says ADD and type in the building section code.... if you do not know what the buildings code is, this is why i recemond the INI rules files. After opening the Ini file name RULES.INI (if RA2) or RULESMD.INI (if yuris revenge) with notepad, you should come across alot of text mainly talking about promotion coding such as veterancy and stuff, Ignore this for now. Type in the building name you desire to mod in your map to find the section code for it, for an example, type in Tech oil derrick and press find and you should find its name next to a number with an equal sign with CAOILD typed next to it. This is the section code for it, if you ever have doubts or unsure if it is the code base off of the list there, then press find again and you should come up with a section, an actual section (sometimes, you go right to the section instead, depends what you type in and what building). If you look towards the very top of the section, you should see two brackets with some random letters in between them all capital such as [CAOILD]. THAT IS YOUR SECTION CODE!!!! go to the map editor and click on the add button near the top and type in whatever is between the brackets (in this case, CAOILD) and nothing more.

Now that you added the section, go select the name CAOILD (or whatever code you typed in that you did thats based off a building). Once selected, you should get a blank space in a box below. Now its time to actually do the fun part! Go back to the Ini file and look at its tags under the brackets and decide what you wish to change. For an example, you want the building to give more money, then you would click the add button closer to the bottom on left side of pop-up and type in a new key, type in exactly as listed in ini file. for na example, type in ProduceCashAmount=9001 and done, you can change the number to whatever you desire, this is how much money at a time it now gives you, Negetive values work. There is other tags you may wish to change under it such as ProduceCashDelay= to a lower number so it gives money more often.

So you changed your oil derrick now to give more money, or you made the powerplanet of the alliance give alot of power.... If you read the notepad and codings under the powerplant section, you will find Power= and you know what to do now eh? So basicly..... now you may want to know how to make it give alot more stuff, like making it shroud the area and stuff. All you have todo is add the section just like the others mentioned above. Go to the last video and read description for all the codings i imagined would be people's favorite.

I hope this heped, if it did not and you still do not understand, then post a comment and i will help you if i can, and say a comment on how i can make this video better, how i can be more helpful, and so fourth. ALSO IF YOU KNOW A GOOD VIDOE CAPTURE PROGRAM THAT HAS BETTER GRAPHICS AND IS ALSO FREE AND IS NOT A TRAIL THEN PLEASE TELL ME!

Download the map editor here:
Final alert 2 yr 1.2 map editor. Also download YR INI files.

Internal Error Pop-up
This is caused by Bad coding from typo's, to forgetting an important tag of some sort.... You should always double check your work, but you may want to use this program here: http://forums.renegadeprojects.com/sh... Its the Syringe, a fantastic device for all, it replaces the IE message with the reason of the problem and etc. Highly recemonded, and the best part is it actually works. However, it dose not work on Npatch.


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