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Uploaded on May 3, 2011

Hello, and welcome to my Zul'Gurub Boss Strategy Guide.

High Priest Venoxis is the first boss most groups kill, and I will go counter
clockwise around the map from him to Jin'do.

Venoxis has several abilities that make this fight challenging. First he will
release Lines of poison that start at the stairs and work their way around the
room, forming a deadly maze. You should avoid crossing these lines at all costs as the damage from them is not trivial.

He will frequently cast a channeled spell call Whispers of Hethiss. This is a
targeted spell that should be interrupted as soon as possible to minimize damage from it. He will also place a toxic link between two characters that can be fatal if it isn't broken quickly. To break the link, targeted characters need to move as far apart as possible. It's best to keep your ranged and healer spread out as much as possible to facilitate breaking the links quickly.

At certain intervals Venoxis will run back up the stairs and cast Bloodvenom, a spell that causes beams of poison to target random group members and chase them around the maze. Simply run through the maze away from them.

Following Bloodvenom Venoxis will be exhausted and kneel at the bottom of the stairs for a few seconds. This is an ideal burn phase. Once it passes he will begin the cycle over again.

A couple of times during the fight, Venoxis will transform into a snakelike thing. While in this form he will cast Breath of Hethiss which is a poison the he spews. The tank and any melee should watch for this ability and get clear because this one can really hurt.

Bloodlord Mandokir has some interesting mechanics. Most importantly, there are several chained spirits around the arena. When a group member dies they will resurrect the fallen character. Each of the spirits has one rez then they vanish. Several times during the fight, Mandokir sends his raptor mount to kill the spirits. When he does all dps should switch to the raptor and kill it.

He will also randomly target a party member from time to time and jump to them and decapitate them, killing them instantly. This ability is the reason to protect the spirits.

Devastating slam is another vicious attack he has. It's basically a cone of spikes that shoot up from the ground causing massive damage. Fortunately it is easily spotted and avoided.

The final ability Mandokir uses is called Bloodletting. This is your basic uninterruptable drain life ability. It must simply be healed through.

This boss is actually pretty simple. Just kill the raptor quickly, while avoiding devastating slam, and burn the boss.

High Priestess Kilnara, aka The Crazy Cat Lady, is a very simple fight. Basically the tank pulls the boss, then wakes up the cats one group at a time. Dps focuses on the cats. The cats have a random charge, and Kilnara will be casting aoe and random target spells throughout phase 1, so healers need to be prepared to heal the whole group. Once all the cats are dead DPS
should focus on the boss and burn her down.

At about 30% She will go into phase 2. In phase 2 she transforms into a, well, a cat lady. She basically goes nuts and wakes up any cats that are still asleep. She will do a couple of aoe attacks, and try to bring the building down on your heads. Watch for falling rubble and burn her in this phase.

Zanzil is a more complex fight that most of the others in this instance. There are 3 cauldrons that you will use to counter his abilities. Green protects you from the poison gas, Blue is for killing the big adds, and red is for killing the zombie swarm. Occasionally, Zanzil will fill the area with gas, which does significant damage unless you get the buff from the green cauldron which protects you from the damage. He also frequently casts Zanzil fire, which is a line of fire which you need to avoid, as it does major damage.

He will also summon swarms of zombies from time to time. When he does the tank should get the red cauldron then pick up the adds. Once the tank has them all aggroed then dps should open up with their AOE spells on the zombies to kill them quickly.

His other ability summons a berserker. One of the ranged should get the blue cauldron and freeze it, and dps should kill it as fast as possible. The berserker will randomly target a party member and chase them, if he catches them he will hit them like a mac truck, so it is best if you get persued to run from the berserker until it can be killed.


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