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Published on Dec 25, 2014


In the old Icelandic Edda manuscripts you can read about gods, giants and trolls. In their world nothing is impossible. The old Norse mythology of Odin, Thor, Idun, Freya, Aegir, Loki and many others is narrated in electronic sounds by Stefan Olof Lundgren.
Translation by Margaret Hiley.

Chapter One

1. Niflheim: cold, fog and ice. Muspelheim: fire, flames and smoke. 2:18
2. In the great chasm separating these two irreconcilable places the giant Ymir comes into being. Soon the world is full of his children , the giants and trolls. 8:01
3. The other race in the world are the gods, the Aesir. The leader of the gods is Odin (lute). The Aesir want to stop the ungoverned spreading of the giants and trolls, and so Odin kills Ymir. 19:20
4. The gods create the world. Ymir's skull is turned into the sky. His blood becomes the sea, his flesh the earth and his bones the mountains and cliffs. 23:20

Chapter Two

1. The animals in the newly created world learn to walk, swim and fly. . 33:15
2. In order to understand the world better, Odin seeks out the wisest thinker of all: Mimir. 38:10
3. Mimir will not allow Odin to drink from his spring of wisdom; only when Odin tears out one of his eyes and offers it to Mimir is he allowed to drink. 44:07
4. Gullveig sows discontent among the Aesir: according to her, it is only through gold and riches that happiness can be achieved. Odin burns the witch at the stake. 48:59
5.The goddess of love, Freyja, rides in a chariot drawn by two cats; when she wants to fly, she puts on a falcon’s coat. 51:51
6. The witch Gullveig has incited the Wanes against the Aesir. Thor in his flying chariot decides the world’s first battle for the Aesir. 55:37
7. The most beautiful goddess mourns for the many victims of war. 1:04:34

Chapter Three

1. Hugin and Munin. 1:08:18
2. The Norns. 1:14:15
3. Conversations with the Dead. 1:18:16

Chapter Four

1. Heimdallr. 1.28:43
2. Freya's tears. 1:32:47
3. The apples of Idun. 1:38:16
4. Skadi. 1:46:55
5. Women's choice. 1:52:54
6. The cock dance. 1:58:15
7. Old love. 2:01:57

Chapter Five

1. The Valkyries. 2:11:51
2. Aegir. 2:15:46
3. Hyme. 2:26:44
4. The Cauldron. 2.41.06
5. Rugne. 2.47:18
6. Tjalve. 2:55:47


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