Ron Paul on Glenn Beck 2/24/2009





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Published on Feb 24, 2009

Ron Paul on Glenn Beck 2/24/2009.

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honestly i would trade bill o'reily for glenn beck, they are both horrible reporters but on bill's program you only hear his opinion because he screams over other people as they speak
2 years later. GB is waking up even more. Ordo Ab Chao. Order Out of Chaos. This is a New World Order... A Global Government! That's what's happening! Wake the fuck up people! A Global Bank, Global "SDA" Fiat Economy, Global Dictatorship of CO2 (breathing) taxes. America, the World is watching.
Arnar Styr Björnsson
@srspower Those things are not free, we pay for them through taxation. We are forced to pay for scumbags who smoke, drink, do drugs and won't work. State healthcare lets good and bad doctors have similar salaries so the good ones go to the USA.
Arnar Styr Björnsson
@srspower People in the EU are so well educated, or conveniently educated, that they are unable to see the plundering before their eyes. Bailout for Greece is a bailout for Greece's creditors. Banks who lend money to unreliable borrowers use political leverage in the EU to get their money back at the expense of taxpayers.
I got no idea what Beck is on about
@srspower i have been to just about every country in the EU, it is not "bollocks" at all what im saying. you can not deny simple facts. i dont deny how fucked up our government is that they have ruined the entire financial system of healthcare here, and you can not deny the world comes to the US for care because it is of higher quality. some things just are. it is not need based for high end operations, just like canada. but your economy is worse off than our, because of these programs.
@srspower thats not true. when it comes to expensive operations, waiting lists are often longer than the US, and not determined by need of care but often by age. the quality of care is lower as well. its the US government regulations on insurance that ruined our healthcare financially, but its quality is un matched. i explained education already, you can chose to understand it or not. education is available for all in the US, some people just dont understand that, like you. 
@srspower the EU doesnt have better healthcare, thats why world leaders and rich europeans come to the US for care. education depends on location and level to be compared. The US has a range of education quality, which accounts for its lower overall scores. but the better areas top the EU. conservative means an entirely different thing in europe. all large wealthy countries are facing an equality divide, its an economic trend world wide. The EU doesnt have higher happyness, not now.
Arnar Styr Björnsson
Soros is jealous of real billionaires that did not need governments help to fortune.
CJ Veilleux
@5nickeldoor5 I hope you are not from America. If you are from here then you really should pay more attention in school because you're grammer is soooooo bad. Seriously Sarah Palin? She still hasn't fully anounced if she's running yet. She is also not very inteligent at all, have you listened to some of the things she says? She won't get elected because most people know how dumb she truley is. 
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