Task 9.3 : Biomechanical simulation of bats and Divine formula (Definitive edition)





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Published on Jan 19, 2016

Well, I've integrated all of research about high mobility flight.

Bats and insects have the best flying skills. Their wings trajectory has reached into the divine realm.

Work Plan 9. Biomechanical simulation of divine flights
Task 9.1 : Drone beetles « https://goo.gl/pjws8C , https://goo.gl/oM4k10 »
Task 9.2 : Dragonflies « https://goo.gl/A0vR4X »
Task 9.3 : Bats and Divine formula : « https://goo.gl/PJJyFl , https://goo.gl/JfwMnc , https://vimeo.com/152264330 »
Task 9.4 : Bees : « https://goo.gl/7KjSZi »
Task 9.5 : Hamming birds and Airfoil « https://goo.gl/tSKkN0 »
Task 9.6 : Natural airfoil and Alternative formula « http://goo.gl/O3Tm0N »

Comparison object : High-Speed Footage of a Bat in Flight http://youtu.be/Upq7LyhCGXE

Aerodynamic Analysis of Airfoil-shaped Fuselage : Cruising speed of horizontal flight 100km/h (28m/s)

Recent studies (goo.gl/UjcRIU) have shown that insects such as flies borrow energy from the vortices that form around their wings during flight.

A mathematics teacher of Chinon, Mrs Françoise Jacot did describe in her words the construction process for our formula of voluntary movement . it's a great job already.

She explains this endless octagonal formula is similar with the Cardoid curve.

Vortices inherently create drag. we can understand that with as the Cardoid curve movement, our formula generate a symmetric vortex street pattern, unlike the Karman vortex street. and animals can recapture some of this energy and use it to improve speed and maneuverability.

Work Plan 6. The formula of the voluntary movement
Task 6.1 : The formula « http://goo.gl/htMor1 »
Task 6.1a : The divine formula « http://goo.gl/CbdmWO » (This is feedback from WP 9 as a nested Formula)
Task 6.2 : The octagonal formula « http://goo.gl/j3z7rL »
Task 6.3 : Method using the Inverse kinematics « http://goo.gl/NCgbth »
Task 6.4 : Flow of trigonometric functions « https://goo.gl/tk9uAa »

There is a merit of shaking of animal head to increase visibility like for a stereoscopic vision. and may have two cameras as a line of sight of snake model. https://youtu.be/L4FcjRzYSHE https://goo.gl/Kd3T40

"By divine design, There is a sub camera on the head in order to grasp the entire image. There is a main camera to track the far target to near the centroid."


The next generation of da Vinci

I discovered that there exists a mathematical theorem and formulas that integrates every voluntary movement of natural animal bodies. This is also the invention of a universal biomechanical link mechanism to create artificial animals. It's the first universal perfect machine element in human history which surpass the conventional functions such as rotating elements like wheels and propellers invented in ancient times or robotics joint torque control.

This technological innovation which brings the infinite applications was born through the historic intangible cultural heritage and the esoteric education in Romandy of Switzerland where has a high perspective overlooking the whole world and is active in alternative medicine and sustainability of global environment.

That is, I made this technological innovation by the agglutination of the theories of two traditional intellectual properties that are related to medical technologies in the east and the west such as European mechanical arts called Automata - Horology and Chinese internal martial arts called Kung Fu.

We now have reached the one of singular point.

Then I also discovered the fundamental theory which is able to explain well this technological innovation among the philosophy advocated by Abraham-Louis Breguet the Horologist - Mechanician at two hundred years ago.

In order to demonstrate the infinite applications, divided the holistic work plan in the 10 work packages, I designed the basic applications of voluntary movement, introduced it visually.

Holistic Work Plan organised into the following ten work packages :
« http://varipon.com/index.php/art-work... »

Over the past few years, while introducing application examples in the world, I've gained global understanding little by little.

Producer's résumé
« http://varipon.com/index.php/producer... »


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