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Published on Apr 10, 2012

Please read my new story.xx

~ House Of Cousin's ~
~ The Next Day ~
Nina: Is Patricia okay.
Jerome: Not really.
Fabian: Me and Jerome are going to help her to control her powers.
Nina: Can I help.
Fabian: No.
Nina: Why not??
Jerome: Because it's dangerous.
Nina: And..
Fabian: And your pregnant and I don't want anything to happen to you.
Nina: Fine... I'm gonna talk to Victor today.
Fabian: Good.
???: * Screams *

~ Amber and Nina's room ~
Nina: * Runs in * What's wrong.
Jerome: What happened.
Fabian: Is everyone okay.
Amber: Patricia you broke my brush.
Patricia: Sorry.
Alfie: And you made my favorite Alien Comic disappear.
Patricia: Again I'm sorry.
Mara: And you made my book go into flame's.
Patricia: SORRY.
Joy: And you shut Eddie in the wardrobe.
Patricia: Okay that was on purpose but the rest was not.
Jerome: * Laughs * Come on Trix Me and Fabian will help you.
Patricia: Thankyou * They Leave *
Nina: So what is everyone doing today.
Mara: Me and Mick are going to speak to Fabian's Uncle.
Joy: He's not his Uncle.
Mara: Oh yeah but still.
Amber: Well I'm going to get a new brush.
Alfie: And I'm getting a New Alien Comic.
Nina: Cool.
Joy: Me and Eddie are staying in.
Nina: Cool.
Amber: What are you doing??
Nina: I'm gonna speak to Victor.... I need to tell him that I'm pregnant.
Joy: Good look with that.
Nina: * Laughs * Thanks for the support Joy.
Joy: * Laughs * Your welcome.

~ Jerome, Fabian and Patricia ~
Fabian: Patricia you just need to learn to keep in control.
Patricia: But it's hard.
Jerome: We know.
Patricia: It's hard... You do realize I can make a chicken come out of the cupboard.
Jerome: No you can't.
Fabian: Jerome she can.
Chicken: * Comes out of the cupboard *
Jerome: Okay maybe you can.
Chicken: * Disappears *

~ Victor's Office ~
Nina: * Knocks *
Victor: Come in Mrs. Rutter.
Nina: Hi Victor.
Victor: And what can I help you with today.
Nina: Well as you are my Grandfather I thought you should know.
Victor: Know what??
Nina: That I'm pregnant.
Victor: Wow you do realize that I'm gonna be a Great- Grandfather.
Nina: * Laughs * I know.
Victor: * Smiles * I sound old.
Nina: I know you do.

~ Mickara ~
Uncle Ade: Morning Mara and Mick.
Mickara: Morning.
Uncle Ade: Is there anything I can help you with.
Mara: Yes there is.
Uncle Ade: What might that be.
Mick: Well a while ago I was at home and I heard my parents talking about my cousin.
Uncle Ade: Right.
Mick: And they said his name was Fabian.
Uncle Ade: Oh.
Mick: And at the time I didn't think much about it.
Mara: Is it true.
Uncle Ade: I believe so.
Mick: Really.
Mara: So Him and Fabian are Cousin's.
Uncle Ade: Yes they are but he is also a Cousin to...

~ Jerome, Fabian and Patricia ~
Jerome: Well done Patricia you are getting the hang of it.
Patricia: Great.
Fabian: I think that's enough for today.
Patricia: Me too but I think I've got it.
Fabian: Okay well I'm going to see Nina Bye * Leaves *
Jerome: I'm proud of you Patricia.
Patricia: Thankyou * Kisses him * I Love You.
Jerome: I Love You Too.

~ Later On In The Lounge ~
Mick: Patricia why of all people Patricia.
Mara: Calm down Mick.
Mick: I can cope with Fabian but Patricia I can't.
Mara: Don't worry * Kisses him * How are you going to tell them.
Mick: I don't know.
( The rest walk in )
Patricia: Tell who what???

What Will Happen Next:
1) Will they tell them.
2) Patricia's birthday.
3) And It's the perfect day for a White Wedding.


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