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Uploaded on May 21, 2010

So heres a story I havent posted in a long time, I guess I just got inspired. This intro took a long time rendering got messed up I was supposed to upload this Wednesday but everything was all screwed up, its all worked out now though, even though I said unknown instead of untitled, and even though its not that good, and some characters arent introduced yet, but soon they will :)

Haha I really need a title for this, seriously lol any ideas?

Also the credit for the nelena manip at the end goes to
TheManipChannel http://www.youtube.com/user/TheManipC... and xSweetSmile http://www.youtube.com/xSweetSmile
Theyre awesome! Check em out!

Please comment, rate, subscribe if you like it, want the next episode, or just for the heck of it. =)

Selenas Pov
Where am I? Why does my head hurt so bad? I couldnt remember anything. I looked up from where I was, my eyes blinking, adjusting to the light. I hear arguing downstairs. I slowly get up and creep downstairs, making sure not to make any noise.

"What are we going to do?"

"I dont know?!"

Hmm I wonder what theyre talking about? Actually I wonder who "they" are. I continued listening.

"What are we going to do with her?!"

The voice I heard sounded like a disgruntled mans voice. The other person I could hear sounded like a upset, stressed woman as she says I dont know. Who are these people? The voices seem so familiar. I clutch unto the banister as I slowly creep down the stairs hoping to get a better glimpse of whos speaking. My jaw drops, its mom and dad. together in a room. not at each others throats. He puts his arm around her shoulder comforting her as a silent tear trickles down. Why is mom crying?

"Well we have to do something!"

My mom sighs "Yes we do, I just keep wondering where did we go wrong?" As she looks into his eyes.

Wait are they getting back together? A small smile spreads across my lips. I watch as my dad looks into her eyes obviously caring for my mom. "I dont know..."

Why do they not know?! They now look like their hugging. Hugging?! I slowly crawl down the stairs to get a better glimpse. All of a sudden my foot slips on something I tumble down the steps.

"Ow." Now my head hurts worse, I get up, and look at the thing that caused me this embarrassment, as my parents look down at me scowling.

Of course its one of my sisters things. She is very unorganized but very happy and peppy, the complete opposite of me. Oh look a container of nail polish. Who the hell would leave that on the stairs, Oh yea Miley. I quickly rush up the stairs forgetting my parents confused expression as they watch me angrily rush back up the steps. I kick my sisters door open she looks up from her laptop shocked but then smiles.

"Hey sis, whats up?"

I glare at her "You know whats up." I say as I drop the little nail polish container on her bed.

She smiles while grabbing it. "Ive been looking for this for such a long time, thank you."

"Seriously? Wow you need to get more organized." I say while leaning on her wall and smirking.

Her smile falters a little but is brought back with more excitement. "I am, Im going to clean up my room and get these cute organizing boxes that are blue and..."

"Save it." I say as I held up my hand and walk away.

Miley's Pov
My sister isnt the nicest but she can be a great sister, sometimes. Although I havent seen that side of her in a long time. I guess she just changed. I dont want to be negative but she really needs to change her ways. I heard today from my friends that she got suspended, or expelled. Im not sure which, we dont talk as much as we used to. Im kind of embarrassed to hear rumors of my sister floating around the school, but sadly Im used to it. I heard mom and dad talking about sending her away to boarding school, anywhere but here. I really hope they dont. Because truth be told, Ill miss her.


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