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Published on Jul 9, 2009

(Please turn annotations on. Also, High Quality Mode is a MUST. Click "HQ" to the bottom-right of the video. Since this video was made within a couple of hours, please don't say this video is bad.)

Hoooo-WEEEE!!! What the HECK is that smell? Better bring your gas mask; it's a toilet party!

What's that you say? That's right, you read the above correctly, it's a Toilet Party! Poopoo until you can't poopoo anymore! Combined with my idea and Gary2345's igloo-making skills, we present to you a masterpiece (or disaster) in Club Penguin igloos! Tired of dashing around Club Penguin for a bathroom? Embarassed about "letting it rip" in the Pizza Parlor? Well then, the Toilet Party will help you finish those pesky missions without making Rookie faint!

It's to my understanding that TheLilsoljaboy posted a video on this exact same party; same time, same place, same igloo. However, we both individually thought of making a video on this party, and therefore, copying or stealing is not an issue. Besides, our videos aren't completely identical, needless to say similar.

I wonder if Mimo777 can make a party even wackier than this? If any of you were at the party, feel free to make a shout out here! Don't be shy!

Also, I worked on this video for several hours, and I must say, it is not bad! I know the audio may be slightly off sync, but hey, at least this video isn't a piece of "crap!" (*Audience groans at CPAlphaTeam's bad pun*)

Finally, you will NOT get banned for saying "hell." Any further comments relating to this matter will be deleted.

Here's the toilet party synopsis (it's pretty detailed)...

It started on July 7, 2009. My friend, Gary2345, was making random igloos, ranging from airplanes to libraries to hotels. I, Nmc01, was persistent; I always said that every good igloo has a toilet. And wouldn't you know it; he got bored and made a TOILET IGLOO!!! What a shock! I stayed there for a while, farting for five minutes, and then Gary2345 finally questioned, "Should I open my igloo?" That's when it struck me; a Toilet Party! That's it! I told him about my idea and it was BRILLIANT!!!

We began advertising the igloo (I even said things like "DIGEST LAST WEEK'S PIZZA", "Tired of making poopoo on the floor?", and "Oops! Doodoo! They're stinky, ewww..."). And wouldn't you know it, the party was a smash hit! It was such a big hit, our farts made more noise than the fireworks on the 4th of July! After two months of no videos, I finally decided. I'm going to make a video in this igloo! Gary suggested that the video will be in Server Icicle, 10:30 AM PST. That next day, it was a disaster, so I suggested we switch to Sleet.

What a show! I told Gary that the YouTube video time limit is only ten minutes long, so we "do business" for two minutes, have a "Poopoo War" for three minutes, and clean up for half a minute (thirty seconds). Well, assuming that I threw this video together in a few hours, I could just say the video was a job well done!


Note: If you hate Club Penguin, STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM MY VIDEOS!!! My videos are strictly focused on Club Penguin. I don't need any negative feedback. I will block you if you act like a jerk.

If you like Club Penguin but don't like something about the video, private message me. Please make sure your message is polite. Also, NEVER type comments with inappropriate language in them; children can watch my videos too.


If you have the Internet Channel on the Nintendo Wii to view this video, take note that the annotations won't show up UNLESS you receive the newest version of the Internet Channel.

Also, do not, I repeat, do NOT watch this video on YouTube XL. You won't be able to see annotations, comments, and even the video description! Need I mention that you can't change the quality of the video best suited to you? If you don't want to use YouTube XL on the Internet Channel, follow these steps:

0) If you haven't already, update the Internet Channel to the newest version.

1) Go on your Wii and go to the Internet Channel.

2) Go to youtube.com.

3) If you see the YouTube XL logo on the screen or you see a much more simplistic version of YouTube, go to Step 4. Otherwise, you are already watching on "normal" YouTube and you don't have to change this.

4) On the top-right corner of the screen, click "View Standard Version."

5) Look at any video, and if it looks like "normal" YouTube, congratulations!

6) NEVER switch back to YouTube XL!!! =)


If you want to throw a Toilet Party like this one but don't have a membership, no problem! Go to my channel by clicking on this link: http://www.youtube.com/user/CPAlphaTeam OR click "CPAlphaTeam" at the top of this video description and look for the "MEMBERSHIP" section in the channel description.

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Reese Tischler
Why do you not make enything for igoo stff not for not membership
SkatingShadowGal MC
Lol XD more like a farting party =D
Savage Wolf
Larisa Lelchuk
Larisa Lelchuk
I love the end XD they keep on throwing snowballs there like DONT U DARE!!!!!!!!!! and ppl fart XD
Lps Sparklegirlpro
that is some toilet party
Odrey Shaprio
All dis time I thought we couldn't say hell or dis sucks.  :P I'm stupid
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aaliyah Snow
Hello crazy part of YouTube we meet again! 
the puffle ate out of one of the toilets eww puffle whats wrong with u
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