Denver Voters want Trust in a Candidate in 2019




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Published on Jun 16, 2018

Denver Voters want Trust in a Candidate in 2019. Google search is all about Credibility, Relevance, and Wisdom. People are ranked by what they say, and what they do, and where they go.

SEXPOT comedy fools will no longer relevant in the catagory of Politics. And @kayvanfor Denver Debate us! What are you so scared of???

Your claims of being the most experienced business man than the entire city council, and the Mayor combined is looking pretty week brother!

Let's debate so we can end you, and you can go back to doing what you do best. Sell weed.

You don't need to be our Mayor to do that.

Let's debate, your people want to see their candidate in action. They now you are using my content.

What Kayvan you think your going to manipulate Google??? Lmaoay!

You tell Bob Haban his credibility is on the line.

I have eyes in the back of my head. I am one with the Sparrow, and I frankly don't give a FUCK! I died in 1992.

Those who know me. Pray for me. And you boys, need to know. Your on first page. Because I out you there.

Kayvan in my world you're my opening act on Google. No matter how the media spins it. They too are on losing rankings. And the writers.

Good news, the Media is learning, I planted my constituents nonpartisan tree in 2011. The Denver Post took the first step. And what they think was crazy talk about Google. And changing content, that Kalyn said.

That is going to cost @jonmurray the biggest fake, bias bullsgiter in the world who should be looking for new employment soon!

We are 80,000 strong, and all those political hacks. I have called out by email. Your done!

I don't need to be Mayor or Governor to be protect Denver from fake, bias, lies, manipulation. Changing content, to fit your biasness.

When you all find out that the person next to you, or next to him, or next her. And they tell us everything.


The world is watching, and so is the Federal Government. That is what should worry you all!

So go get your rocks, write all about me. Good Bad I have been ready since 1992.

My mission is to restore my adopted father's name, restore the integrity of Denver, and restore the Nonpartisan Government of city and county if Denver.

A voter once told me in 2015 during the ballot petition drive. "I just looked you up on Facebook, and you have 8 followers. I would never vote for you"

I said "I don't use Facebook they manipulate content, and I have to let 13 year olds access to me content. And on Google Search you must be relevant to the subject matter. Therfore, 13 year olds are not relevant because they can't vote".

Voter said "What I trust Facebook, way more before I trust Google".

I again said "do you have a Gmail?"

Voter "yes, of course I do"

Now, let's move forward to 2018.

I received 8,033 votes, these folks did not follow me, and they started in 2011 with 250 write in Candidate.

2015, no Denver Mayoral Debate pissed off many voters, and on May 6, 2015. The day after, when all the medai TV. Said Hacock won, and his closest opponent was Marcus Giavanni.

That say 8,033 voters told 2 people. Those 8,033 have told 10 people by 2017. By 2019 160,000 voters are going to be do the right thing. And end your all's power trips.

Now, we are supposed to raise money. To beat the establishment at their own game. It won't be with money.

It will be with Google+ Truth Algorithms, and Knowledge based trust. The two catagories, 98% have no clue what this means.

What I have done is use artificial intelligence, and voice endexing, and face to voice pattern matching. It goes on folks.

This is the leadership we will bring to the table for all citizens to bank on. Not peak level leadership, or dope man, anything other than true Nonpartisan Government. And Denver will be Categorized as a

Remember, Kleptocrats, you already been identified, along time ago. You all better go church. And pray for Credibility, Relevance, and the Wisdom to have known better.

- Marcus Giavanni


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