Jonas Brothers love story- It all began at 7:05 (Chapter 41 part 1)





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Published on Apr 12, 2008

Tara was the first to wake up. It was 10:00 a.m. She figured she would make some breakfast before everyone else got up. She made herself waffles and a glass of milk. She went into the living room, forgetting about Walter and sat down. She turned the t.v. on and ate her breakfast. She was looking at Jesse's phone number on the back of the picture. She picked up her cell phone and dialed the number.

Jesse: Hey! It's Jesse...
Tara: Hey. This is-
Jesse: I'm probably busy singing or something right now, so I'll have to call you back. Beep...
Tara: Hey Jesse. This is Tara. I don't know if you remember me but I came to your concert last night and my friends and I met you. You sort of gave me your number, so that's why I'm calling. Give me a call whenever you can. Bye. *hangs up*
Walter: It's one thing you got his number, but it's another thing you actually had the courage to call him.
Tara: Walter! I didn't know you were in here.
Walter: I guess you sort of just completely tuned me out huh?
Tara: No. I haven't. You were just really quiet. Sorry. *looks down*
Walter: Save it. I think I'm going to head home. Call me when you get over your obsession that can never happen.
Tara: *wants to cry but doesn't*
Nichole: Wow. That was pretty harsh.
Tara: Hey Nichole. Personally I think he's being stupid.
Nichole: He's just jealous. He'll be fine once you call him later.
Tara: I don't know that I want to call him.
Nichole: Well. You need to talk to him eventually.
Joe: Mmmm. What smells good!?
Tara: I made some waffles before.
Joe: I love waffles! Can I have some?
Tara: Sure. Help yourself.
Joe: *runs into the kitchen*
Tara: I will talk to him. I just don't think it'll be very soon. *phone starts ringing* Hello?
Jesse: Hey Tara. It's Jesse.
Tara: *tries not to scream* Oh hey. What's up?
Jesse: I was in the shower when you called before. But now that I'm done would you like to hang out?
Tara: Sure. That would be awesome. What time?
Jesse: You live in Appleton right?
Tara: Yes.
Jesse: I'm just leaving Milwaukee now so it'll be about 2 hours. I know exactly where we can go.
Tara: Sounds good! See ya in a bit. Buh bye!
Jesse: See ya.
Tara: Oh my god! I get to hang out with Jesse McCartney!
Nichole: *rolls her eyes* I'm going to wake Nick up. *runs upstairs*

She walks over to the bed where she left Nick and lays down next to him. Nichole wraps her arms around him and gives him a kiss on the lips. He doesn't move a muscle so she does it again. This time she kisses him longer. He moves a little but still doesn't wake up. She goes to plan C and starts jumping on the bed. He finally wakes up with a worried look on his face. Nichole starts laughing and sits down.

Nick: I thought there was like an earthquake or something.
Nichole: Yes Nick. An earthquake in Wisconsin.
Nick: Oh. That's right. What time is it?
Nichole: 10:30. What time do you have to leave?
Nick: We can't leave any later than 2:00.
Nichole: Aww. That's going to come really fast.
Nick: I know. I want to take you somewhere.
Nichole: Where?
Nick: I don't know. Somewhere we can be alone.
Nichole: How about...I want to do something really fun.
Nick: I'll think of something. I have a pretty good idea though. *smiles*

Allison is still upstairs sleeping and so are Kirsten and Kevin. Joe went upstairs to wake Allison up so they could do something on their last day together. When Joe walked into the bedroom Allison wasn't covered up and she was only in her bra and underwear. Joe thought of this as the perfect opportunity and climbed on top of Allison. He gave her a long kiss on the lips and she woke up.

Allison: *pulling away* Are you trying to rape me in my sleep or something?
Joe: I can't rape the willing babe. *smiles*
Allison: Haha. You're funny!
Joe: I've been told that a few times.
Allison: Are we doing anything together today?
Joe: Do you want to do something today?
Allison: Yes I do. Do you want to go running!?
Joe: Yes! I love running!
Allison: Me too. Let's go! *they get changed and go running around the park*

Part 2 up in a moment!

I own nothing but the writing!

Song: Right Back In The Water- Jesse McCartney


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