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Published on Mar 18, 2007

March 17, 2007
Shinhan Masters Tournament
Finals - Best of 5
NaDa 2:1 Savior - Game 4

The song that plays right before the match starts is "Sleepers" by Saosin.

Another loss for Savior would have probably made a record for consecutive defeats. But Savior managed to win game 3 and now has a small chance to win himself about $25,000 USD. With the score at 2-1, Savior cannot afford to lose another game, or it will be his first loss to his terran rival.

Map - Shin Peaks of Baekdu

NaDa - yellow terran @ 7
Savior - red zerg @ 1

Three weeks ago NaDa lost to Savior in the OSL Finals 3-1. Now the tables have been turned, and NaDa finally did what he couldn't do in their last two matchups. He defeated Savior 3-1, and got paid a hefty sum for it.

The following is an interview with NaDa taken from Props to ilovezil and mrmin123 for providing a translation so us non-Koreans could understand what was going through NaDa's mind when he won.

[I'm guessing Ahn Yeon-Hong was the girl in the pink hat]

-After the battle, you shed tears.
▶It wasn't that I shed tears. In the previous finals when I did not win, I thought of my mother. At that time, I was sorry towards my family and the fans. It feels as if I paid back my debt with this victory.

-What about today's strategy?
▶All of today's battle strategies were used impromptu, inspired by strategies used in past practice games. It felt like it would work. I believed in myself.

-What of when your battle against Mah Jae Yoon was at hand?
▶I emptied my emotions. *I told myself that even if I lost I would lose giving my best*. I think I refused to look back on the past because I would become nervous. Emptying my mind before the battle worked. I just thought of Mah Jae Yoon as just a zerg. I did not think inwardly about this return match. This was because of many situations when I thought passionately about vengeance and lost myself. I merely went along with what fate had in store for me.

-What are your thoughts looking back upon last season, and forecasting this year's standings?
▶2006 season's results were good. I couldn't achieve my 4th victory, but I was constant. I am very satisfied. I think 2007 will be a good year as well.

-As the best player, can you give us a word?
▶Becoming the best is a difficult path. After that, keeping the status as best is two or three-fold more difficult. If I continue to practice hard, I believe that I will be the best for a long time. I probably cannot keep the promise of upholding my status for life, but I can keep my promise of staying in the long-run.

-Right now, who are you thinking about the most?
▶I am thinking about my mom. I think she will be happier than anyone else. My mom always said that Mah Jae Yoon was a fearsome one. She warned me to be cautious of him. However, now I can talk with confidence. I will tell her that Mah Jae Yoon is no longer a feared entity.

-What are your goals after today?
▶I want to dine together with the team members. We will celebrate with meat and wine.

-*Ahn Yeon-Hong (a Korean drama/movie actress) came to watch as well.*
▶*I am thankful because it seemed like she stayed and cheered on until the very end. I am also thankful because she was not just a fan of me, but a fan of the eSports scene.*

-What was the significance of the ceremony?
▶It is significant because I represent the champion world-wide. The person from America who sent me a present told me about it.*