Daddy Discord (feat. Lanovran & SiminaCindy)





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Published on Mar 11, 2012

With Lanovran as Discord and SiminaCindy as Screwball.

Here is the follow up to "Screwball's Music Box". And if anypony calls hax on "Phantom of the Opera" I will be displ...actually, you would be spot on. I used that song as the foundation upon which I built this song.

A special thanks to these two for putting up with my changes and stuff...
SiminaCindy: http://simina-cindy.deviantart.com/
Lanovran's channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/Lanovran
Oh, and to PhAnToMkIsS2008 for providing one extra voice for the crowd part.

Art by BlockEraser (edited with permission):


And some fanart...

cartoonfan88: http://tinyurl.com/qj7muxs
a-sereneartist: http://tinyurl.com/o87hrop
dragonwolfgirl: http://tinyurl.com/qg5xdsc
lilpuccafanatic: http://tinyurl.com/pwqlo7t
loosingreality: http://tinyurl.com/ndsbb4a
riquis101: http://tinyurl.com/qajhvaj
munchicookieton: http://tinyurl.com/o945a79
firekitty8: http://tinyurl.com/ou7wen2
vixetra: http://tinyurl.com/na4ha4x
growlithe9341: http://tinyurl.com/otp27sh
ninetail-fox: http://tinyurl.com/pmfx3gj
kingmush720: http://tinyurl.com/kpf6sqc
dpedaci: [link missing]
katelyntehfluffy: [link missing]
kamithefluffy: [link missing]

And some fanfics...


And a remix!




verse 1
So there you are my Dad, a statue oh so cold so dead
You tore their world apart and ev'rypony lost their head
Now I must carry on making Chaos for you instead
'Cause you are my Daddy Discord and I am a piece of you!

verse 2
Please do not cry my dear your daddy is still very here
And when I do bust out we can respread the random fear
Our joy will be their pain as their world drowns in choc'late rain
'Cause I am your Daddy Discord and you are a piece of me!

verse 3
Remember that one time you took me to that baseball game?
I got my Cutie mark...
...and things were never quite the same.
My wild pitches flew driving the ponies all insane
'Cause You are My Daddy Discord and I am a piece of You!

Take me out to your mind game!
If Chaos loses it's a real shame!

verse 4
Oh simple spawn of mine without you I would be so lost
You have stuck by my side...
...No matter what the tragic cost.
Your crazed imagined have given me a new found strength.
'Cause You are my Daughter Screwball and I'm breaking out of here!

I'm free, free once again! May Equestria return to its natural chaotic state!
Come My Little Abomination, we have work to do!
I missed you daddy...


Notes: Yeah, I kinda took the idea of chaos being the natural state of Equestria from Stormwolf's "Beginning of Order". Also, I manually tuned many of the words sung so any out of tune words can probably be chalked up to me being tone deaf.

Instruments used:
the SGM2 soundfont
Church Organ 2nd vst
Itchy's Seismik vst
Edirol Orchestral vst
DSK Darkness Theory vst
AnologX vocoder
plus the voices off my keyboard.

Music&Vocals: https://sandjosieph.bandcamp.com/albu...

Vocals Only (for remixing):

(be sure to give the artists' credit)
--Midi and Instruments (categorized by group as raw .wav files)--
Midi: https://dl.dropbox.com/s/puoi9mkoonus...
Organ: http://tinyurl.com/DaddyDiscorgan
Strings: http://tinyurl.com/DaddyDistrings
Brass: http://tinyurl.com/DaddyBrasscord
Keyboards: http://tinyurl.com/DaddyDiskeyboards
MusicBox: http://tinyurl.com/DaddyMusicBoxcord
Percussion: http://tinyurl.com/DaddyDrumcord
RockBand: http://tinyurl.com/DiscordedRockband


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