3 Things You Didn't Know About Voyager





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Published on Aug 23, 2012

Hank tells us three things we probably didn't know about the Voyager 1 spacecraft.

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What i've always found kind of sad is that once NASA cuts all communications with Voyager 1 off, as mentioned in the video it'll just forever be out in the unknown, just a tiny tiny beacon of a history of a species on a planet that wont last forever. Imagine in 100s of thousands of years it could be found by another species believing themselves to be alone in the universe, very much like we are now. Only to discover that intelligent life sent this little probe out into the vast endless depths of space in hopes of it been found. Imagine if that alien race manages to reach Earth. Only to discover that all life is gone, perhaps thousands of years before they ever arrived. What would they do? They'd find the last remaining relic of a species that died out thousands of years ago, they'd be safe in the knowledge that yes, at one time they weren't alone in the universe, that intelligent life did arise somewhere else at one point in time. But its too late. What would they do then? Or what if it's never found? Voyager 1 just forever floats alone in the darkness, a message that is never seen, until one day, millions, perhaps billions of years into the future something happens to it and its destroyed. The last trace of humanity will just be gone forever. And no one besides us, will ever know we existed here.
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I made a voyager themed PC
Alien life forms may bring it back to earth and Bill us for littering.
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The Voyager mission has to be up there with humanities greatest achievements, whatever becomes of Earth and the human race in the coming eons its somewhat comforting to know that there will be a snapshot of humanity from our lifetimes preserved forever.
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The Hook
stuff like this makes me cry :'( its so damn cool
Batfleck Forever
I know how the story of Voyager ends. Voyager (I don't know which one) will fall into what they used to call a black hole. It will emerge on the far side of the galaxy around orbit of a planet of living machines. They will find its simple 20th century programming to be primitive yet kindred. They will interpret its simple programming to learn all that is learnable and return that information to its creator on earth literally. They will construct an enormous vessel to fulfill Voyager's mission and on the way back to Earth the vessel will acquire so much knowledge it will achieve consciousness itself. Unaware that humans are its creator, it will threaten all life on earth in a quest to fulfill its mission. It will be up to the brave crew of the starship Enterprise to protect humanity from the threat of V'ger! But we won't have to worry about that for another 300 years or so...
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Imagine that aliens will come to us and give us a fine for littering in space. Then we would be f*cked
You know maybe the reason that there are no signs of extraterrestrial life would be because the light from our planet has yet to travel to... anywhere, really, aliens - if they exist, or have existed - are right now seeing.. dinosaurs on our planet. Seriously. So same would go for us, maybe there are already other intelligent races building things on other planets that we COULD see, if we would exist 0.7 billion years ago.... ;D so enjoy yourselves while the light shines my friends.
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GBS Firm
I see what you did there.   "Vger", a star trek reference.   clever
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Spastiq Soniq
It's a bit disappointing that the music didn't include the Beatles, or even the Star Trek theme...
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