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Published on Dec 12, 2010

~Arthur and Gwen~

I absolutely love the music that is played whenever Arthur and Gwen kissed, so I took the music from the Merlin Series 2 Soundtrack. This song was at the start of "Finale" by Rob Lane & Rohan Stevenson.So I make a longer version I hope you like it guys!!

WOW 108771 views :D thanks guys!!! (I'm glad there is other people out there they listen and like good music like this )


I knows it's hard to find it...It took me days to find it so if you want me to send it to you just inbox me I have all the songs from the soundtrack


Comments • 486

😢 This hits me right in the feels. My heart seriously melts every time this plays on screen. It's so beautiful and captures perfectly their epic, legendary romance, yet it's tragic and mournful. curls up in a ball and cries
I very strongly agree
Zoha Ahmad
So true
Scarlett W. Delevigne
It still fucks me up that arthur never found out about the magic bracelet that made her kiss lancelot. 
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ikr way to ruin both gwen and lancelot's reputation
ahmed ali
Scarlett W. Delevigne OMG SAME
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Brandon Allen
For the Love of Camelot...Merlin shall always be remembered in our hearts!
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Leah Smith
Long live the king.
Brandon Allen 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
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I've never been more emotionally attached to any characters on a TV series before. It pains me that it ended. So sad!
Fabian Martinez
I love the melody and the series does not say I loved it very well
yes I couldn't agree more 😢
Haseeb Rahman
I swear if I was a billionaire I would pay the BBC tonnes of money to bring this show back.
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Rhiannon Grimson
Haseeb Rahman and make them re-write the ending on top of that too :)
Haseeb Rahman I wouldn't bring it bank but instead get them to do a crossover of Sherlock, Merlin and doctor who! As they are my favourite BBC shows and I think it would be really interesting- most likely be in the future where Arthur is resurrected
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joe xtrance
joe xtrance
Brandon Allen
For the Love of Camelot, Merlin shall reside in our hearts forever
Pretty BlueEyes
I think I will watch Merlin again. And again. And again.
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DryIceGaming so true
Creativekatie for hours and hours
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Amy Wilson
Dude this hit me right in the feels damnn I miss this show.
Dev K
I really really miss this show. Definitely one of my favs of all time. Wish they would bring it back...
Casper Kim
Its so sad that it had to end that way, i would wish they did like a remake of the last episode, where arthur survived that would be awesome but of course they won't. any one agree?
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Alice Valentine
Yeah, I loved Arthur, and this is coming from a huge Morgana fan :(
Daisy Johnson
Alice Valentine Still heartbreaking tho
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Anyone else still can't believe they played this for Merlin & Arthur during the finale while they were having a "moment"?!?! I think that was purposely done to imply that in that very moment, Merlin and Arthur were supposed to kiss/wanted to kiss, especially since the creator later went on to confirm they were in love :D DIES
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Hiddles And Skittles
When I went back and rewatched the show recently, I could see something undeniable between the two - and whether you want to call that a "brotherly bond" or "romance" is completely up to you. But, I say this because, their actions had told a lot. The way Merlin would sacrifice himself to save Arthur, how he would put himself in danger for the Prince/King. Hell, Merlin saved Arthur while poisened with a fever! There was also the famous bickering and thrown insults between the men (which I, at times, perceive(d) as a form of endearment from Arthur, and even Merlin). However, it wasn't really their actions that caught my eye the most, but instead their facial expressions. The way one eyes would light up or soften at the sight of the other. The dorky smiles when Arthur would compliment Merlin. It's just the little things that had me believing that Arthur and Merlin would have possibly became a "thing" if not for all the people against the LGBT+ community. Although, I want to be known that this my opinion. I will not force it on anyone. Peace.
hikaru kikyou
Splashstorm04 you've gotta tell me when was the moment since they've got lots of them. i mean, i literally scan the whole entire episode to find it but i just couldn't.
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