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Uploaded on Jan 15, 2008


This is part 1 of the ninth chapter of the Jonas Brothers Love Story, Too Good To Be True!

Glamorousmodel as Maddy
Olima115 as Olivia
JoBrosLuver92 as Briana
and a new character,
MrsNickJonas37 as Gabby


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Chapter 9, part 1

"Hi I'm Ana Deans from the TV show, Teen Gossip" Ana said, then winked at the camera "Tell me, and your fans watching this, who these girls are?"
She held up a picture of the Jonas Brothers and the girls, holding the mike up at the boys.
"They're our friends" Kevin said.
"Yeah. Since we came here for tour, we thought we'd say hi" Joe added.
Smooth. He was good at lying. Understandable Nick asked since when Joe stopped lying yesterday -- about the Superman thing.
Ana flashed the camera a look.
(Boy, did she LOVE the camera!)
"Then what do you say about this?" Ana held up another picture, this time a one of Nick kissing Maddy on the cheek "Is this what 'Just Friends' do, Nick?"
Ana snorted at her own joke which practically nobody got.
Nick bit his lip and wrinkled his forehead at her weirdness.
"That's just a kiss on the cheek" He said "Everyone does that. Besides, I'm Christian"
The boys answered all the other questions very smoothly, and finally chased Ana away.
"Psh, that was close!" Briana said, finishing her hot coco.
"Yeah" Olivia said "But it kinda hurts that they said we're not going out. Well, we're not. Wait, we're not, are we? Yesterday was just a onetime date, right? Or does it mean that we're together?? I'm confused..."
"You're confusing me too, Oli" Maddy said.
Olivia shrugged.
Then, they heard footsteps rushing down the stairs.
"Maddy Maddy Maddy Maddy Maddy!" A voice said while headed their way.
The person arrived at the TV lounge where the girls were.
It was Maddy's little sister, Gabby.
"Ohmigosh Maddy" She said "You're on Teen Gossip!"
Then she saw the girls watching Teen Gossip on TV.
"Oh. You know" She said, sitting next to Briana on the couch.
Gabby has a TV in her own room she won in a singing conest -- Gabby was an awesome singer.
"So" Gabby continued "Are you guys really going out with the boys? Because if you are, I need to meet Nick and tell him I'm his soul mate"
"Not gonna happen, Gabby" Maddy said "Nick is mine"
Maddy paused. What did she just say? Nick is HERS? No, Joe was hers. She was just using Nick -- wow that sounded really bad -- and had no feelings for him whatsoever. Or did she? No, she didn't.
Maddy felt really bad again about flirting with Nick just to make Joe jealous.
"No, he's mine. And I thought you liked Joe?" Gabby said "Okay never mind. So ARE you going out?"
Gabby was eager to know.
"I don't know" Olivia said, and flopped on to an open space on the couch.
Gabby tilted her head to one side and looked t Olivia.
"You don't know?" Gabby said "You DON'T KNOW?" She repeated.
Then looked at the TV.
Ana was interviewing the Jonas Brothers fans again.
"You don't know?" She said once again "That means you WERE at that fancy restaurant with them last night! And they really like you but you don't know if it's serious!!"
Maddy tried to raise one eyebrow, but it didn't work like Olivia.
"How do you know that?" She asked.
"Wild guess" Gabby shrugged "But it's true, isn't it? Come on, be true to your little sister"
"Ok fine. Yes, what you said is true" Maddy confessed "Just don't tell you anyone"
Gabby nodded silently, with a HUGE smile on her face.
"WE'VE GOT A CALL!!" The TV said, REAL loud.
The girls all returned to the TV.
"We've got a call from one of our viewers" Ana said, catching her breath from screaming "Teen Gossip knows who the Jonas Brothers' anonymous dates are"

*Chapter 9 part 1, END*

Check out the second part of this chapter to find out what happens next!


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