WORDS MATTER: Original Obama Un-narrated Documentary/Review (in his own words)





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Published on Sep 2, 2012

***New*** Obama Part 2: A Second Un-narrated Documentary: http://youtu.be/0BIOIdxfdmo

***New*** Obama Unplugged: An Acoustic Look At His First Term: http://youtu.be/1_NwYs530KM

Words Matter: A short un-narrated documentary that looks at Obama and his first term with regards to transparency, healthcare, taxes, fairness, energy, and the national debt through his own words - CERTAIN TO CONTAIN NEW INFORMATION OF INTEREST.

This video was created during the week of the Republican National Convention (RNC). I wanted so much to attend and hear Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Chris Christie, Ann Romney, Marco Rubio and so many others -- especially when I learned that Clint Eastwood would be appearing.

It might have also been an opportunity to meet folks I listen to and learn from everyday like Dennis Prager, Hugh Hewitt and Micheal Medved to name a few.

Since I could not attend, I decided to finally create something I'd envisioned for some time. I watch more news than anyone else I know (by far) and knew I'd seen things many other had not. My goal was to create a 12 minute video capture various inconsistencies and include clips I knew many had not seen. The vision was largely taken from the Glenn Beck show when he was on Fox and would show video of people 'in their own words'. Based on that, I created an alternative version of this called 'In His Own Words' (with much better intro graphics) but this took off so quickly and unexpectedly, I left as is.

This is actually the first video I ever created. While I obviously did not create each section, I took these references from dozens and dozens (and dozens) of hours of video. I didn't even know how to use imove when I started and, after uploading, quickly learned the limitations of youtube. More importantly though, I'm stunned to also learn the upside.

This looks at transparency, healthcare (how Obama care passed, his admission that the goal is a single-payer / government run system and that employer based programs would be ultimately be eliminated in 10 -- 15 years, the cost of the 'Affordable Care Act', the tens of millions that will remain uninsured, whether it's a tax or a penalty), Obama's various positions on all taxes (personal, corporate, capital gains), his position on raising capital gains tax for reasons of 'fairness' rather than addressing the proof that such increases would lower the amount the government would take in (a liberal/leftist concept I learned from Dennis Prager), Obama admitting that his position on Global Warming / Climate Change is the basis for cap and trade forcing energy costs to sky rocket, the White House position on oil (production, drilling, exploring), it looks at employment 'shovel ready' stimulus opportunities, and concludes with a reminder of his position that raising the national $4 Trillion dept under Bush in 8 years was irresponsible and unpatriotic while raising it again by $5 Trillion in 4 years.

My hope is that folks like Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hanity, Glenn Beck, Dennis Prager, Hugh Hewitt, Denis Miller or others on either Fox News, CNN or talk radio.

I conclude with a nod to the new 2016 movie by Dinesh D'Souza via a custom trailer I created out of three of their ads.

I would have liked to explore foreign policies, positions on nuclear weapons, relations with all of the countries around the world with a focus on China, Russia, Iran and especially Israel. I would have liked to look more closely at his financial record, employment, the number of new federal agencies, absorbing the student loan program, his amazing number of tzar appointments, relationships and special privileges/waivers given to unions and so much more. Hopefully, this short piece provides an opportunity for folks to engage and discuss at whatever level possible.

This video first began to gain traction when Mike Opelka from The Blaze. This article was an absolute honor and one of the highlights of my life and can be seen at: http://www.theblaze.com/stories/words...

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