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Published on Feb 18, 2008

Star Wolf team:
In Star Fox 64, Star Wolf is a gang of fighters hired by Andross to eliminate the Star Fox team. They have since been working on their own as Star Fox's rival team. Their primary aircraft is the Wolfen. They have appeared in every game except for the original Star Fox and Star Fox: Adventures.

Wolf O'Donnell (ウルフ オドネル, Urufu Odoneru?), sometimes called Lord O'Donnell, is the leader of Star Wolf, and rival of Fox McCloud. Wolf's team is initially hired by Andross to take down the Star Fox team. The Star Wolf team ultimately fails their mission, causing Wolf to seek revenge for his own personal reasons. Years later, in Star Fox: Assault, Wolf plans on taking down the Star Fox team once more, but the later invasion of the Aparoids causes him to come to Fox's rescue. However, he claims the only reason he does, so he can kill Fox off himself later. He also helps Fox during some scenarios of Star Fox Command, where it states that he feels a grudging respect towards Fox . Wolf also appears as a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Wolf is voiced by Hisao Egawa in the Japanese version of Star Fox 64 and Mahito Ōba in the Japanese version of Star Fox: Assault. In the English version, he is voiced by Grant Goodeve.

Leon Powalski (レオン ポワルスキー, Reon Powarusukī?) is a member of the Star Wolf team, and the only original member other than Wolf himself that has consistently stayed with the team since Star Fox 64. Leon is a chameleon, whose secretive nature is emulated in his being very cold, calculating, and cunning. He has had some past rivalry with Star Fox member Falco, whom he mainly concentrates on in Star Fox 64 and bickers with in Star Fox Assault. In Star Fox 64, although he speaks with an eloquent and classy manner, he obsesses with the idea of mercilessly torturing his prey, and inflicting pain is his specialty. Leon is voiced by Shinobu Satouchi in Japanese. In English, he and Panther are together voiced by David Scully.

Pigma Dengar (ピグマ・デンガー, Piguma Dengā?) is one of the original members of the Star Fox team, and after he betrays the team to help Andross, he joins Star Wolf. He is an exceptionally greedy pirate who does not care who he hurts so long as he ends up with a large paycheck in the end. When fighting Star Fox in Star Fox 64, he targets Peppy due to being previous teammates. Wolf O'Donnell later expels Pigma from Star Wolf due to his incredible greed and distrustful nature. Pigma ends up antagonizing Star Fox and Star Wolf by joining with the Aparoids, and later undergoes assimilation, which fuses him with a spacecraft. His spirit continues to live on in the form of a cube-shaped puzzle box cyborg after his body is destroyed. In Star Fox Command, while commanding some of the Anglar forces, he ends up fighting Star Fox again, and is destroyed. Pigma is voiced by Daisuke Gori in Japan. In the English version of Star Fox: Assault, he is voiced by Lev Liberman. In the Japanese version of Star Fox 64, "Pigma speaks in the Kansai dialect of Japan. His last name is a reference to when people that speak in Kansai end their sentences with "dengar".-Pigma Dengar shares his last name with a bounty hunter in Star Wars.

Andrew Oikonny (アンドリュー・オイッコニー, Andoryū Oikkonī?) is the nephew of Andross. He is an inexperienced pilot who only flies to try to follow in Andross' footsteps. Sometime after Andross is killed, Oikonny leaves Star Wolf, and plans to avenge his uncle's death. In Star Fox: Assault, Oikonny gathers Andross's remaining troops and forms a rebellion against the Cornerian Army. The Star Fox team tracks him down to the planet Fortuna, where his ship turns into a large likeness of himself, which resembles Andross' form . During this battle, Oikonny is unexpectedly shot down by a large Aparoid. He returns in Star Fox Command, where he joins the Anglars and pilots the Death Crab, confronting Star Fox in Fichina City. In the Japanese version of Star Fox 64, he is voiced by Daisuke Sakaguchi. In the Japanese version of Star Fox: Assault, he is voiced by Yūsuke Numata.

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