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Published on Apr 16, 2007

Set in London around the turn of the 20th century, The Prestige (2006) is a film starring Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale, and Michael Caine. Also appearing is David Bowie. Directed by Christopher Nolan; based on a novel by Chistopher Priest.

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Diana Riverjackson
This is probably one of the best movies I´ve ever seen. The plot, the script, the casting, the set everything is on point.
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Akira Phukjangngam
Reааllу bеst mоooviе. I fоoоund it hеre => https://twitter.com/78f5b60e613706e4f/status/856327151393439745
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james logan
Wolverine and Batman,high as fuck,doing magic and shit..
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Tommy Crump
@Ian Gabriel Agujitas I can see you fell off the stupid tree and hit every branch on thw way down, learn to read numbers, 3 years is way before 1 year, did you get that or would you like me to say it again?
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This was a fucking good movie. Filled with twists and turns. Kept me on my toes the whole way through. I was pulled into the universe of the movie and for a few hours I didn't think about my life or anything... I was totally engrossed in the film. I was trying to understand the characters, trying to uncover the mysteries. Totally invested. And thats what we all want from movies isn't it? The actors were fantastic, they all played their roles brilliantly. I didn't see the actors, I saw the characters and thats the mark of a good performance. Then the ending happened and it was so unexpected and it just blew my mind completely. Excellent movie. The type of movie you still think about days after you've watched it.10/10 because why not? 
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+Natalou It's sad that only superhero/action movies get people's attention these days. This kind of movie with twists and turns are soooo much more interesting! It makes you think, wonder and dig for answers after watching it. Definitely a 10/10 !!
Amine Qat
yeah sure, especially dumb horror movies that rely solely on loud sound at an unexpected time
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Andrew Hong
just another Nolan masterpiece what else is new
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Nolan is in post-production for his WWII film Dunkirk (July 2017).
Putri Poppy Efriani
+Key Inversa dunkirk
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This movie stars Batman, Alfred, Wolverine, Black Widow and Caesar. :)
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In this trailer looks like Batman beats the shit out of Wolverine in magic XD
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ayy lmao
shut up Johan
and Maya Hansen. and Jareth/ David Bowie
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This movie is highly under-rated.
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Martin Anthonyo
you clearly don't know what underrated means
Daniel Filippus
Its the best movie ever made. So yeah, its under rated by a thousand.
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Batman and Wolverine, high as fuck, doing magic and shit
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Michael FOster
boratfromkazax bro you just made my day with this comment.
Tommy Crump
he just switched Batman and Wolverine around smdh
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Sekko Tokko
just watched the movie...I wonder why I haven't touched this masterpiece years ago... a must see!!!!!
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I 3rd tht :D
alenrich aquino
Yoооou саn watch TTTThe Рrestige heeeеrеeee https://twitter.com/7acc95a7974e7bda5/status/792184441573560321 The Рreeeеstige TTrаiler
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Phantom Prince
This how batman and Alfred spend their spare time
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Marvin  Rodriguez
Lea K. like its Marvel vs DC
Lea K.
batman and alfred vs wolverine and black widow haha
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