Seriously, the Hell With 9/11 Truthers





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Published on Sep 21, 2012

Aww, what the hell — get over here, ya dumb bastards.

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michael preller
I love how truthers always throw out the reports of mainstream media, calling them liars and the people who listen to it as "sheep."  But whenever an article comes along that lends a tiny amount of credence to their rhetoric they pull it up and pretend like it is an "Ah HA" piece of evidence.  Seriously dorks, its either one or the other.
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Silas Mortimer
Damn, this Truther thing is a fucking cult, isn't it? They're learning from the Scientologists.
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Truther: "9/11 was an inside job, this is why." Debunker: "Okay, I have this evidence that disproves your claim." Truther: "LOL YOURE SUCH A SHEEP, ALL I COULD READ WAS 'BAAAH'" Debunker: "Okay then, here is some more evidence that is against your claim." Truther: "BAAAH! BAAAH!"
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Real 911questions
Would love to debate this asshole! Would win ALL points. This guy is a TOOL!
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Kevin James
I love how stupid truthers are. How you can watch two planes hit a tower hit the pentagon and a crash in Pennsylvania and say nope that was all fake an inside job see no those where drones and all the people on the planes where taken to a secret place where they live or killed is beyond me. Fucking idiots. I don't know what the hell they think American would have to gain from killing over 3000 of its own people. Uh fucking dumbass idiots!
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There will be no truther revolution. They would have to log off the internet and crawl out of their parents' basements before that could ever happen.
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Oh man, if I had a nickle for every time I was accused of being a disinfo agent. One story is of a guy on youtube who actually accused me of being a disinfo agent because he tried to claim the route for the Kennedy motorcade wasn't published in papers the day before or the morning of, so I sent him links of scans of the two huge Dallas newspapers (that were readily found as Oswald's home and place of work, btw) that had, in fact, published the route in detail the morning of including the fatal turn on Elm where Lee Harvey Oswald ended a young father, husband, and president's life.... so he called me a disinfo agent and blocked me. Made me feel gud :P
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Steven Eppler
I've just subscribed to your channel...This shit is fucking brilliant! I can't tell you how entertaining you are while at the same time,kicking these morons in the balls.... Fucking hilarious. Keep it up!
The perfect analysis of the conspiritard's psyche and mindset, and the genetics of why they always fail.
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I just found out about another thing truthers like to do. They like to dehumanize those who disagree with them. I and another commenter arguing with two of them, just got compared to roaches by the truthers. Seems like some truthers are wannabe fascists.
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