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Published on Oct 24, 2009

Oct. 23: Rachel Re: Rachel Maddow points out what has been largely overlooked in the discussion of the White House feud with Fox News, that explains why Fox is not news.

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Arhum Ahmad
The difference is most stations give an opinion on the news. FOX gives their opinion as the news
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Raff Zh.
Turns out Faux News really is not news. It only has entertainment license, which makes it not a legit news disseminator.
tom 9
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I love this woman. She's intelligent, eloquent and charismatic and has a beautiful voice that's a pleasure to listen to. Fox news doesn't exist in my place. I only watch online when someone posts a video on youtube (of course saying the truth) criticizing or mocking them because I can't stand any of them and it makes my day. Brava Mrs. Maddow!
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Lt. Drebin I have no idea how in his mind I became a "dumb ass" but I sure would like to have it explained to me!!!
MICKSS350 ........ Well .... No shit hit the fan .... Flynn stepped down ... it's over . He did the right thing, but was forced into it. What a shame. Oh well, our President will have someone just as great for the position. Then the cry babies won't be able to complain . "Give Peace a chance", "Give Trump a chance".
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Omair Sheikh
Only 7 minutes? This video could have been a week long at least.
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DC Angrlish
+Omair Sheikh It should be 974 weeks and 6 days long to be precise (entire run of faux news).
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Kevin Klika
I find it incredible how much Rachel Maddow can talk without making a real point...
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BradLee Jones
Yeah, saying one thing twenty different ways isn't making a point. And she always seems to make it sound like it's the most incredible thing she's ever heard of. I am just one of many millions of cross over voters! Democrats for Donald!
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Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, is not news... The only news so far who's been holding your insanity is the Daily Show; Jon Stewart.
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+chipmunktubetop I have to agree... This is an era where your news is nothing more than some gossip, and a place that says climate change is fake. I rather watch Peter TV from family guy rather than mainstream media...
+FuckUtube4Life2010 Unfortunately, comedy can be more accurate than the news.
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But msnbc is real news?
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Fox still isn't moving on from Obama's presidency. Seems like every other day they bring up something about Obama in their news.
MSNBC looked for reasons to piss on conservatives for not liking a "black President" the last 8 years. That makes them better than Fox?
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Rachel is awesome! Great observation.
BradLee Jones
orlandotj1 ,... Got two questions for ya. 1) Who's Rachel? 2) Who the uneducated little boy, and why isn't his little uneducated ass back in school?
+orlandotj1 throws up on self from comment! are you out of your mind? WAIT.. your a liberal, we know that.
joe cole
In past interviews Maddow has said she has never seen Fox news. If she has never watched Fox news, how can she claim they do not report news? Just asking!
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John Burt
While working as a caregiver for elderly people, which used to be how I supported my family, I was forced to be present while many, many hours of Fox Newslike Product dribbled out of their TV sets.  I know what FNDDT is like, and I know it's not good for you.
Benny Moonwalker
+MrNosreme70 No he's not! He's a true patriot!
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I watch Fox news mostly, and I will admit that it definitely does favor conservatives.  But guess what?  ALL news stations have bias, CNN and MSNBC etc. support the left while Fox tends to support the right.  I will say though as a viewer of Fox and CNN (occasionally MSNBC but not as often) that Fox brings on WAY more liberals to voice their opinion than CNN or MSNBC with republicans.  Is Fox completely Fair and Balanced? No, but they're definitely MORE fair and balanced.
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Gil CJ
"that Fox brings on WAY more liberals to voice their opinion" AND not let them talk during the interviews.
Benny Moonwalker
Well in their words, They report, we decide!
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It really is laughable hearing someone from ass-backwards MSNBC attempt to lecture any other network on what constitutes "real news". That's like a drug dealer preaching about a healthy diet.
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Al B
SANCTUARY It's interesting seeing these old threads. People using MSNBC and credible in the same sentence is hilarious! Maybe if the liberal media didn't sell out to globalist Hillary and Obama then people would still respect them.
Teezy Jetson
Its more ass backwards to say that it MSNBC attempting do so and not Rachel Maddow espousing her opinion.
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