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Published on Sep 24, 2012

The China-Japan island dispute is mounting. What is this growing dispute really about? The rise of China or the insecurity of Japan? Is it a resource grab? A security issue? Who do the islands rightfully belong to? Does the US have a hand in the argument? And is there really any solution? CrossTalking with Mark Selden, Bruce Klingner and Brian Becker.

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Comments • 8,200

Jun Alexander Shibata
All I can say, is that the first and last people to inhabit these islands were Japanese. Never have these islands been inhabited by Chinese people.
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daniel tan
china will takes back any inches of land that belong to china from foreign powers. USA and japan are the war mongers since before ww2
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The islands belong to Taiwan/China. Japan stole from them.
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Luke Green
Those islands belong to China NOT Japan!! It was part of China for many years and now the japanese are trying to take it over with help from the United states!!
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Joe John
When your Jap Emperor decided to invade China, there was a civil in China and she had no army.  China is a NUCLEAR state.  Are you ready to sacrifice to your people to the end??
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You Americans always think that you are righteous! Everywhere and you can start a war! We Chinese for centuries you have been invaded! You foreigners stealing our heritage! Killing our people! Power Allied Forces invaded our capital Beijing! Our culture has been trampled! Chinese people want to wake up! I am strong! Not be afraid of you! We want to protect our country - to protect the people!
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う、 うわあaあa1!!
senkaku islands is japanese territory. japan does not steal the senkaku islands... :(
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Former Japan PM Yukio Hatoyama told the truth about Diaoyu Islands June 2013. Japanese historian professor 井上清. also told truth about Diaoyu Islands in his book. Abundant proofs in ancient maps, books & documents. Diaoyu Island was in Taiwan & China's jurisdiction. In 1st Sino-Japan War, Taiwan ceded to Japan. But in Potsdam's Declaration WW 2 , Taiwan territory was returned to China so should be Diaoyu Islands. The war ending document clearly stated that "Japanese sovereignty is limited to her 4 local islands only. The Fact - Okinawa doesn't belong to Japan either.”  Being the loser of WW 2, causing the brutal death of peoples by hundreds of millions &  colossal destruction in hundreds of billions. Japan had  grabbed more than deserved !
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That earliest record and usage on DiaoYu island was from Ming dynasty around 1403, Japan's earliest record was around 1884 . People blame China just because its Communist, it got nothing to do with the political system when it comes to territory claims.
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The Diaoyu/Senkaku disputes is not as complex as some make it out to be, on the contrary it is plain & simple. Japan stole the disputed islands through annexation, greed. Japan signed the Potsdam proclammation in 1945 which states that all territory that was aquired by military agression, greed by Japan must be handed back to the rightful owners, that means Diaoyu islands must also be handed back to China. Yet Japan refuses to even acknowledge this agreement which Japan has already signed & agreed to. Does Japan really want to prolong the dispute?Does Japan really sincerely want peace or war? Because Japan's actions do not match actions of peace & reconciliation. Japans actions are just the same as America's actions. Japan looks like it wants to increase tensions with China, with help from America & thier allies in asia. All China wants is a solution to the disputes they don't want it to drag on & on like this, but because America doesn't actually want peace between China & Japan, what we see here is a fanning of flames by America & Japan prolonging the disputes to try to make China angry & do something, thus giving America a reason to be more beligerent or even attack China. I really hope it won't come to this, but as things are now, its not likely it will happen thank god. Fact is fact. These Islands are Chinese territory since 1403. Japan only showed interest in these islands in 1885. So where's the confusion? Clearly China has full jurisdiction to the disputes Islands, Diaoyu/Senkaku. Its the same problem with Tokdo/Takeshima Islands. Tokdo Islands belongs to Korea not Japan. Kuril or norther Islands clearly belong to Russia. Why is Japan trying to claim everyones territory? Huh?
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