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Uploaded on Jun 21, 2009

Russia operates the second largest fleet of Submarines in the world at 70 operational vessles.

Not all of Russia's submarine classes could be featured due to lack of footage.
this is a list of the vessels show in the video followed by a quike discription of the submarine.

Kilo Class - SSK
The Kilo class attack submarine is intended for the anti-ship and anti-submarine role.
It has a range of 7,000 miles and has a 45 day endurence.

The Kilo is quiet, infact the United States Navy nick-named the Kilo "Black hole" for its uncanny ability to disappear.

Armament -
6x 553mm torpedo tubes
18x torpedoes
24x mines
8x Igla-3, (SA-N-10 Gimlet) Surface-to-air missiles
(Russian versions only)

Anechoic tiles are fitted on casings and fins to absorb the sonar sound waves of active sonar, which results in a reduction and distortion of the return signal. These tiles also help attenuate sounds that are emitted from the submarine, thus reducing the range by which the submarine may be detected by passive sonar.

Russia operates 24 Kilo class submarines.

Akula Class - SSN
Named Shchuka-B by the Navy, the Akula class is nuclear powered meaning its range is limited only by food supplies.

It has a submerged speed of 35 knots.
They are equipt with MGK-540 active/passive suite
Flank arrays, and Bukhta ESM/ECM MG-74 Korund noise simulation electronic warfare suites.

Armament -
4x 533mm torpedo tubes (plus 6 external 533mm tubes on Improved Akula's and Akula-II's)
4x 650mm torpedo tubes

The Akula class is capable of firing cruise missiles through the torpedo tubes, and can strike land targets or enemy surface vessels. They use missiles such as the RPK-7 (SS-N-15 and SS-N-16).
The Akula incorporates a double hull system composed of an inner pressure hull and an outer "light" hull. This allows more freedom in the design of the exterior hull shape, resulting in a very hydrodynamic submarine.

Russia operates 12 Akula class SSN submarines.

Oscar-II class - SSGN
The Oscar-II class guided missile submarine, is the second largest submarine in the world by length, and the largest SSGN submarine by displacment.
The Oscar-II has an impressive beam at 505ft long, and carries a plethera of offensive weapons.

Armament -
4x 533mm torpedo tubes
2x 650mm torpedo tubes
28x 533mm and 650mm weapons, including Tsakra (SS-N-15 Starfish) anti-submarine missiles and Vodopad/Veder (SS-N-16 Stallion) and anti-submarine missiles with 200-kT nuclear warhead or Type-40 anti-submarine torpedo or 32 ground mines

Perhaps the most impressive weapons onboard the Oscar-II are its anti-ship missiles.
24x P-700 Granit (SS-N-19 Shipwreck) cruise missiles.

It is reported that Oscar-II class SSGN's incorporate an emergency escape capsule, that were fitted after the Kursk accident in 2000.

Russia operates 10 Oscar-II class submarines.

Typhoon class -SSBN
Typhoon is a nuclear ballistic missile submarine, it is the largest submarine in the world, displacing more than a World War Two aircraft carrier.

The Typhoon is currently being refitted for various operations. The one Typhoon that is currently active is refitted and will stay in active service as an SSBN submarine with the new SS-NX-30 "Bulava" missile.

1 other Typhoon (Tk-20) is active as of 2009 but is only armed with torpedos at the current.
1 other Typhoon (Tk-17) is being modernised and refitted, and is set to re-enter service in 2010

The states of the Typhoon collective is that of the remaining three, 1 will remain an SSBN, the other 2 will not be refitted to carry the new Bulava missile. They will however be modified to carry cruise missiles and deploy Special Forces.

the Delta-IV class submarine is a nuclear ballistic missile submarine. The submarine constitutes a double-hulled configuration with missile silos housed in the inner hull. The forward horizontal hydroplanes are arranged on the sail. They can rotate to the vertical for breaking through ice cover.

The propulsion system provides a run speed of 24 knots surfaced and 24 knots submerged. The submarine carries supplies for an endurance of 80 days. The surface of the submarine has an acoustic coating to reduce the acoustic signature.

Armament -
4x 533mm torpedo tubes
16x R-29RM SLBM nuclear missiles

Other vessels not featured in the video include:
SSBN - Borei class (1 built, 12 on order)
SSN - Sierra class (4 active)
SSN - Victor class (4 active)
SSN - Yasen class (1 built, 8 ordered)
SSK - Lada class (1 built, 3 under construction, 8 ordered)
7 - Auxiliary Submarines

1:46 is a failed Trident-II launch, but i needed to show a missile for effect to give the SS-N-19 a face, so forgive the footage with the SS-N-19 in front of it... its not a shipwreck missile, but atleast it shows some sea launch capabilities



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