Destruction of corpses at Chełmno death camp

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Opublikowany 23 sie 2007

The Nazis murdered people in the village of Chełmno nad Ner at a nineteenth century manor house from December 1941 - April 1943. In the summer of 1944 the victims were murdered in the forest some four kilometres distant. But in both cases, the method of murder was the same - gas vans.
The bodies were burnt but the flames did not destroy the bones. They were crushed in a device for which the original invoice still exists. Once the bones were ground up they were taken to a bridge over the river Warta and thrown into the water.
The area around the crematoria is however still littered with bone fragments which were not collected in sacks by the prisoners.
This film shows the area around a crematorium and the amount of bone fragments are very clearly visible.

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