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Published on Jan 31, 2012

Went to check out what the whole Ron Paul Revolution was about today at CSU and documented my new experience.

I have never voted Republican and because I was born with a liberal orientation, I look at the Right and red flags go up. That's why it's very unusual to hear things from the Republican Paul I wish were coming from the mouths of Democrats. Why does our president lack the ideals Paul takes seriously, leading him to seek an end to the wars now, revoking the Patriot Act and applying the Golden Rule to foreign policy? Or would Paul go the same way as Obama, having to compromise on hope and change when confronted with the reality of a Washington political machine incompatible with ideals.

Every polarity in the world is bound together with its opposite. Each must coexist with the other because they will always be part of the greater whole. Democrats will always coexist with Republicans, the left with the right, etc. From the perspective of each side of a particular orientation, the opposite is seen as more suspect and untrustworthy.

From a certain perspective, one side of the polarity is more in tune with what is good, true and beautiful, even if each side still has its faults and contains the seed of its opposite.


From my perspective, GOP contenders are closer in orientation to the side that seems more destructive, deceptive and ignorant. But Ron Paul takes positions on issues that throw this generalization completely out of whack.


Paul is adamant skeptic of US foreign power - "It's another Iraq coming,'' he said. "There's war propaganda going on... . The greatest danger is that we will have a president that will overreact and we will soon bomb Iran.'' I like so many of the things I've heard ( http://youtu.be/8pbSCT2SE6U ) from Ron Paul during this campaign and the one he ran in 2008. What's frustrating is all the baggage that comes with him. I had no idea he was controversial on so many different levels. One of my facebook friends was upset by the idea of African Americans supporting his campaign and said; "A candidate who'd allow the return of Jim Crow laws is not going to get my vote." I had no idea Paul ( http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/01... ) didn't support Civil Rights or that his son ( http://youtu.be/VqAAfSfap5w?t=4m30s ) runs circles around Rachel Maddow's direct questions about his position on racial desegregation. And more controversy: http://youtu.be/IHB2I83_N_k

Even though there may be a lot about Paul that is controversial, I'm finding ( http://youtu.be/n5JcJ8wJxtg ) videos of ( http://youtu.be/UAyYbSn_Mds ) African Americans throwing their ( http://youtu.be/mb20ezHQf7M ) support behind his campaign and deny he is a racist. And there are ( http://youtu.be/i3EADdr-5AY ) examples of policies that are ( http://youtu.be/g8u_M2xOAKA ) far from racist positions. Here's an interesting article examining ( http://www.nationofchange.org/our-sel... ) pros and cons of Paul: "The other camp tends to acknowledge those ugly truths about Paul but then points out that the Texas congressman has been one of the only politicians 1) fighting surveillance, indefinite detention and due-process-free assassination policies almost exclusively aimed at minorities; 2) opposing wars that often seem motivated by rank Islamophobia; and 3) railing against the bigotry of a drug war that disproportionately targets people of color."

Some other interesting videos:
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