How to make a large t-shirt more fitted with back criss cross knots.





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Published on Sep 2, 2010

This is my video showing you another method to end your quest for different ways to make large tops fit you in a way thats a lot more flattering and unusual.

This one is almost a variation of the knots down the sides except its on your back an criss crossed together. There will be a little skin on show so if your unhappy with this you can wear a strappy top (one of contrasting colour to make it stand out) underneath. I like to wear mine this way, layering your clothes is fun!

All you need is:
1. T-shirt
2. Scissors
3. Marking chalk or pen (one that works better then mine!)
4. Measuring tape.

*UPDATE 07/05/2011*
This one is really quite complicated and watching my video back again I dont think I explained it well so after a message asking for more help in step by step instructions. I decided to copy and paste what I wrote in here for everyone so you can cross reference it with the video to make it simpler :)

Here we go:

1. Cut off all seams on the t-shirt (neck, end of sleeves and bottom of t-shirt, dont worry about shaping the neck part yet though)
2. Lay your t-shirt flat and measure the width of your t-shirt, take note of that on a piece of paper or something.
3. Measure around your waist, then make a note of that.
4. Half the width of your waist (mine was 28 inches, so now we have 14 inches) Take note.
5. Half the width again (so from 14 inches we have 7 inches now) take note.
6. Take away the measurement of the width of the t-shirt with half the width of your waist (if my t-shirt was 16 inches wide, 16-14=2.) What you are left with is how much you need to take off the t-shirt to make it fit.
7. Now, using the measurement which was your waist halved twice (mine was 7 inches) measure from the ends of both t-shirts and mark in the t-shirt (from outside in). Do this on both ends. If you was to measure the gap in the middle is should equate to the amount that you need to take off the t-shirt. (in my account, 2 inches)
8. From the marks, add two inches on either side (going toward to edge of the top)
9. Between the two middle marks, mark the very middle of the t-shirt. You should now have 5 marks (in my case, one line in the dead middle, one line either side an inch away from that (because half of 2 is 1) and one 2 inches away from that mark on either side).
10. Draw a straight line from the middle mark right up to the top and bottom of the t-shirt. Do the same for the marks furthest away.
11. Begin drawing your criss cross marks, making them about an inch wide and making sure the very top and bottom ones are straight across and that they align on either sides. Picture of this is at 3.15 in my video.
12. Cut along the MIDDLE LINE only.
13. Cut out the CRISS CROSS lines only, they should be like triangles when the fabric is cut out leaving the 1 inch wide straps that you draw earlier still attached to the t-shirt. Ignore the the other lines that we drew earlier as they were guides.
14. Stretch out the straps a little so they are ready for tying (this just makes the edges roll and make them look a little better)
15. For the very bottom and top straps that were straight, tie them together.
16. For all the other straps, tie the straps that are diagonal from eachother. To keep the top together I tie two diagonal strips together doing a double knot, then tie the opposite diagonal ones in the same area together then same, so now those straps should be lying on top of the first one. Then I get the part of the strap from the first one we tied and tie that over the top on, this way it all stays together. Watch from 5.00 in my video.
17. If you with, cut off the left over fabric on straps that are tied but only if you feel the knots are tight enough and wont unravel.
18. Finish off the neck and sleeves how you want them to be (off the shoulder for me as always :))

And your done!!!

I hope you like and give this a go! I always suggest trying any new idea on an old top so you don't risk ruining an awesome top one of a kind that you want to cut up. Talk from experience =[


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