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Published on Jul 4, 2012

Coincidentally 撞到正 Theme from Fanmake.


蘭亭臨帖 行書(1) 如行雲流水
lan ting lin tie xing chu ru xing yun liu shui
Poetry written in the orchid pavilion, the running-script calligraphy flowing like clouds and water

月下門推 心細如你腳步碎
yue xia men tui xin xi ru ni jiao bu sui
Pushing the door under the moonlight, careful like your fragile footsteps

忙不迭 千年碑易拓 (2) 卻難拓你的美
mang bu die qian nian bei yi ta que nan ta ni de mei
In haste, a thousand year stone tablet is easy to capture, but your beauty is not

真跡絕 真心能給誰
zhen ji jue zhen xin neng gei shui
The authentic calligraphic works have become extinct; to whom can I give my true heart?

牧笛橫吹 黃酒小菜有幾碟
mu di heng chui huang jiu xiao cai you ji die
Playing the shepards flute, how much food and wine is there?

夕陽餘暉 如你的羞怯似醉
xi yang yu hui ru ni de xiu que si zui
Suns setting rays, reminds me of your bashfulness, cheeks pink as if drunk

摹本易寫 而墨香不退與你共留餘味
mu ben yi xie er mo xiang bu tui yu ni gong liu yu wei
An imitation is easy to write, and the fragrance of the ink does not fade, like the remnants of your scent

一行朱砂 到底圈了誰
yi hang zhu sha dao di quan le shui
One line of red ink, who is it circling?

無關風月 我題序等你回
wu guan feng yue wo ti xu deng ni hui
No matter when, I write the preface while awaiting your return

懸筆一絕 那岸邊浪尖疊
xuan bi yi jue na an bian lang jian die
Suspended in mid-writing, the crashing waves hit the shore

情字何解 怎落筆都不對
qing zi wen jie zen luo bi dou bu dui
How do you explain love? I cant get the right words to flow.

而我獨缺 你一生的瞭解
er wo du que ni yi sheng de liao jie
The one thing I lack, the understanding of your life

彈指歲月 傾城頃刻間煙滅
tan zhi sui yue qin cheng qin ke jian yan mie
Years pass in a flash, your beauty gone in an instant

青石板街 回眸一笑你婉約
qing shi ban jie hui mou yi xiao ni wan yue
On the green stone boardwalk, you look back and smile, so graceful

恨了沒 你搖頭輕歎 誰讓你蹙著眉
hen le mei ni yao tou qing tan shui rang ni cu zhe mei
Do you hate me? You shake your head with a soft sigh. Who caused you to frown?

而深閨 徒留胭脂味
er shen gui tu liu yan zhi wei
And deep in the ladys chamber, theres still the lingering smell of rouge

人雁南飛 轉身一瞥你噙淚
ren yan nan fei zhuan shen yi pie ni qin lei
People and geese fly south, I turn around and see your eyes brimming with tears

掬一把月 手攬回憶怎麼睡
ju yi ba yue shou lan hui yi zen me shui
Holding the moon in my hands, how am I to sleep with all the memories

又怎麼會 心事密縫繡花鞋針針對怨
you zen me hui xin shi mi feng xiu hua xie zhen zhen dui yuan
Why is it that matters of the heart, tightly sewn into embroidered shoes, every stitch so filled with resentment?

若花怨蝶 你會怨著誰
ruo hua yuan die ni hui yuan zhe shui
If the flower resents the butterfly, who will you resent?

無關風月 我題序等你回
wu guan feng yue wo ti xu deng ni hui
No matter when, I write the preface while awaiting your return

手書無愧 無懼人間是非
shou shu wu kui wu ju ren jian shi fei
Words have no qualms, not afraid of the rights and wrongs of the human world

雨打蕉葉 有瀟瀟了幾夜
yu da jiao ye you xiao xiao le ji ye
The rain hits the banana leaves, and the sound lasts for a few nights.

我等春雷 來提醒你愛誰
wo deng chun lei lai ti xing ni ai shui
I await the spring thunder to remind you of the person you love.

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