Love Can Survive Anything Ep 5





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Published on Mar 6, 2012

Amanda-(unattraches the chain and neclace)
Josh- (comes up to them) Amanda Why ??
Amanda- Josh. I didnt.
Josh- (interpruts her) Why did u cheat on me ?
Amanda- I didnt. Remember we broke up.
Josh- *sighs* I didnt think you'll find a boyfriend that fast.
Drake- Wait i'm confused.
Josh- (looks at Drake) You stole her from me !!!! (punches Drake)
Drake- (punches Josh)
Drake/Josh- (start fighting)
Amanda- Guys !!!! (starts breaking them apart)
Josh- (stops fighting and looks at Amanda) What Do you have to say !! (mad)
Amanda- Josh. Me and Drake arent going out.
Drake- Yea. we're just friends.
Josh- (feels silly) oh. (looks at Drake) Sorry man. I thoguh you and her were.
Drake- (intepruts him) It's alright.
Josh- (looks at Amanda) Sorry Amanda. I shouldnt have punch drake. You broke up with me so i'm gonna have to let you live your life.
Amanda- *smiles* (hugs him) Wait what are you doing here with those luggages ?
Josh- Well i missed you and i came to get a apartment for us to live together. But i think i'm gonna have to live alone.
Amanda- Aww Josh, I'm sorry. I would let you live with me but my house is full.
Drake- I would help you too but my grandmother is very well you'll find out when you meet her one day. *gets idea* Oh i know this apartment that's really big and cool and it doesnt cost alot.
Josh- Can you take me there so i can buy it and live there ?
Drake- Sure and i'll leave Amanda at the mall on the way. *smiles at Her*
Amanda- *smiles back*
Josh- *notice them* Wow you two make a cute couple. (gets in the car with Drake and Amanda*

(With Auslly)

Austin- (knocking on the door)
???- (Opens it) Hey Man. (does handshake)(Notice Ally) (flirty smile) Hey there.
Ally- Um hello.
???- (looks at Austin) This one is a keeper *smiles and then them in*
Ally- (looks at Austin) This one ?? (confused)
Austin- Um i dont know what Dez was saying. He saids crazy things, that what make him Dez.
Ally- Oh (looks around) It's empty, there's no one here.
Dez- (puts on music) (starts doing the dougie)
Ally- (sees Dez and starts laughing)
Austin- (laughing too and does the dougie too)
Ally- (laughing)
Austin- Come Ally.
Ally- Oh i dont know how to do that dance.
Dez- It's called the dougie and it's easy. (starts teaching her)
Ally- (starts doing the dougie)
All- (laughing)

(Around 8 pm)

Ally- (finishes dancing with Austin and Dez) wow that was a awesome song. What's it called again.
Austin- The jerk.
Ally- (laughing) They name alot of weird songs.
Austin- (laughing)
Ally- (checks her watch) Oh gosh. Austin, i have to go.
Austin- Then let's go. Bye Dez (waves bye to him)
Ally- Bye Dez (waves bye to him too and leaves)

(Outside of Ally's house door)

Ally- Wow that was fun.
Austin- Yea. when Dez is there, then you're always gonna have a party.
Ally- (giggles, and then smiles) Yea.
Austin- (looks into Ally's eyes) You have beautiful eyes.
Ally- (looks at his eyes) You too (starts leaning in)
Austin- (kisses her)
Ana- (sees them though the balcony and then leaves inside mad)
Ally- (leans out and smiles) Good night my prince.
Austin- (smiles) Good night. (kisses her cheek and was about to leave) Wait. Ally?
Ally- Yea.
Austin- Will you be my gf ??
Ally- (smiles)Of course. (kisses him really fast) Sorry for the fast kiss, i just cant let my family to know about us yet.
Austin- It's alright. good night. (smiles and leaves)
Ally- (goes inside of her house )(sees her grandma) Hi grandmother.
Ana- Hi Ally . You seem so happy.
Ally- Well i am . (starts going up to her room)
Ana- Wait before you go to your room, i have to tell you something .
Ally- (turns around) Yes grandmother ?

What is Ana gonna say ???
Will she try to separate Auslly ???

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