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Published on Aug 21, 2013

T-Rex Vs. Stegosaurus fighting Anime style! Who will win? A prehistoric Dragon Ball Z style showdown! Wouldn't it be cool if dinosaurs learned ninja and samurai moves and could attack each other? Imagine a Dragon Ball Z battle mixed with Jurassic Park, that would make a bad ass movie!

It is a shame that dinosaurs have now been found to have feathers because the would look far less menacing and masculine pea cocking about...HA

I made a popular dinosaur animation awhile back called "Dino Meat" and I have always wanted to make another Dinosaur video. My friend Tyler came up with the idea of doing a Dinosaur anime and helped draw for this video.

I was inspired by Dragonball Z videos and just anime fighting videos in general. We tried to capture that as much as possible. I like how the fights in Dragonball build up for a long time before they start with a million shots of each opponents face reactions and quivering eyeballs. I would have liked to have done a bit more with that if I had more time to.

I also enjoy all the Dino fight videos on youtube and I think this is a unique twist. There is also a cool Spiderman vs. batman cartoon fight on youtube somewhere, but I have to find the link again. I know when I originally made my first dinosaur video I was inspired by all the different dinosaur animations that were on here. I think one by Cyriak might have been the first that I saw. It was a stegosaurus throwing some guy. And mainly I have seen a lot of cool flash animations.

And hopefully if this dino anime fight cartoon is popular we can just do a whole series because I think its pretty fun to do. I like anime fight videos because you can throw in a lot of quick cuts and edits that are fun that correspond to the exciting action of punches and jumps. It makes for a visually compelling image. And I think that most of the animes I have seen including Dragonball do that well. BUT, for the next one I want to have more screaming and crazy sound effects.

My biggest criticism of Dragonball Z is the fights take too long, but its kind of funny too. I think japanese anime and manga is visually awesome as is. And if you mix that with dinosaurs I think you are in good shape.

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