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Published on Aug 3, 2012

My apology to Rachel and attempt to answer some of the questions that have arisen.

I believe one's comment is a mirror of the grace one gives oneself when one makes a mistake. A harsh comment, even if directed to another, reflects how harsh you speak to yourself when you do something that is embarrassing or out of alignment with your values. Likewise, a forgiving comment reflects the level of forgiveness you show to yourself when you make a mistake.

The above is simply my observation. I wish you peace.

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To learn more about Adam’s Story, visit his websites.
Link: http://www.MillionDollarCupOfWater.com


See Adam’s Story on ABC’s 20/20:


“Million Dollar Cup of Water” Book Description:

A memoir of Adam's journey from rags to riches, back to rags, and eventually to true wealth.

This book details the childhood that propelled Adam to chase money leading him to Wall Street, IBM and CFO roles, but never satisfying his craving for acceptance. After posting a poorly thought out 2.5 minute YouTube video to protest for human rights by ordering a free cup of water, his company was harassed, subsequently fired him, and quickly issued a press release. That press release led to a very public shaming on many media outlets, including the O’Reilly Factor and the Daily Show.

Over the next two years Adam received many offers for employment that were immediately rescinded after employers Googled his name. With repeated rejections, an inability to provide for his young family, and the belief that his online reputation now defined him, Adam fell into an identity crisis that pushed him into the darkest time in his life.

Through an authentic soul search and the healing presence of family and friends, Adam faced a reality that had always seemed too frightening and humiliating to accept. This search led him to the most beautiful truth he had never known, a truth that is in everything and everyone: when we choose to live an authentic life, we choose to finally live.

When he lost his job, he lost his equity in the company and six-figure salary, all amounting to over one million dollars in wealth, everything he was worth, or so he thought. The free cup of water turned into a million dollar cup of water that he would pay for all over again.

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This prick is only sorry because the video went viral and he got fired. What I love is that he was the one that posted it thinking the majority of the world would support him. He knew exactly what he wanted to do and said he didn't care about the consequences. Fuck this fruit cake
That is the wishful thinking of those who hold to the hope against logic and reason that there is some justification for men to sodomize each other. 
Marlar House
This would've been so much more effective if he'd stopped with the apology and didn't continue on trying to further the political agenda. Nothing against what he thinks/believes, but doing that takes away the effectiveness of the apology. VIdeo #1: Apology. Video #2: Clarifications and everything else. 
Please stop referring to me as the new Ryan Seacrest...I mean the world's biggest d-bag. I just planned to peacefully harass a poor woman just trying to make a living in a bad economy... Anybody buying anything coming out of his mouth. He is trying to just get his job back. I hope he never gets his jobs back and has a very hard time finding new employment.
StopThe Excuses
Drive through meeting?  It wasn't a drive through meeting.  It was a retail worker/customer victimization, and it happens every day by people like you.  Christians are allowed to have their convictions@!!@!@!  SO PROUD OF INDIANA!!!!  WOOO HOOOOO....stop the bullying of the Christian community!  yeeeeee hawwwwww
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This guy is gay BTW, even if he hasnt realized it yet...... #nohate
You're only sorry cause your bullying got you fired.  I feel no pity for you after what happened.  That's Karma dude.
This guy is just creepy.
Just heard about this story today and had to look it up. And yes all these years later you are still getting harassed on here. I also read your page for your book. You apology doesn't seem sincere. And the only person with hate in their heart is you. Your self righteous views that any one not in 100% agreement as you. Deserves to be bullied and harassed. Chick-fil-a doesn't do any harm to anyone other than those millions of chickens. Nice you have gotten a taste of the hate that you gave. But at least all this hate coming your way is because of the actions YOU did. Marry who you want. Just don't force someone else to do something against their will or beliefs. It's not hate to have different views.
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Although I am not happy for anyone losing a job, you got what you deserved for harassing a hard working person. Any corporation if they choose can decide to support what they want. be it traditional or gay marriage. Yes they support "traditional marriage" BUT they do not refuse service to anyone. I am proud of them and companies that support gay marriage for simply standing for something without degrading those they agree with. You made a mistake, live with it and be more open minded against those with ideals different than your own.
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