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Published on May 27, 2012

The kingdom that poisons the world.

Saudi Arabia, Wahhabism and the Spread of Sunni Theofascism

The kingdom in the closet

"I never thought I'd be propositioned by men in Saudi Arabia"

Saudi Arabia is 'biggest funder of terrorists'

Saudis fund sale of children trained as terrorists and suicide bombers

Saudis export anti-Christian and anti-Jewish textbooks across the worldhttp://abna.ir/data.asp?lang=3&Id=268755

Saudi high school text book preaches hate

The UK's 'Undercover Mosque' scandal

If you live in England, contact lawyer Gavin Boby at http://lawandfreedomfoundation.org/ and he'll be happy to give you all the free help and advice you need to stop a Saudi-funded mosque being built near you.

What goes on in a mosque - evidence from America

Police go undercover in mosque to find terrorists

American mosques: Jihad's incubators

Sharia and violence in American mosques

Mosques as barracks in America

Anti-gay bigotry at the East London mosque

Gay hate mosque opens school

Saudi school lessons in UK concern government

Islamic schools teach anti-Semitism and homophobia

Destroy all churches in the Arabian peninsula - Saudi Grand Mufti

Christian evangelist threatened with death penalty in Saudi Arabia

Christians imprisoned for worshipping at home

OIC Urges Ban on Relgious Intolerance . . . Saudis Ignore Message

Muslim countries target free speech - with help from the US

Could you be a criminal? US supports UN anti free speech measure

US, EU spearhead Islamic bid to criminalise free speech

Free speech found guilty by Europe

Lecturer fined for calling Koran 'evil'

The lawsuit against Lars Hedegaard: A warning to all


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Comments • 5,922

Eadgyt Adba
Pat Condell, you're a star and a beacon of hope for humanity.. We need more strong voices like yours! <3
Never stop making these videos
David Hague
Wahabbi Islam is indeed a stain on humanity.
Pat...the more I listen to you...the more I like you. Have a great day Sir! Yes...glad you speak your mind!
+Eric Hathaway Hey ..take it easy man! Christ said HE came to save those that are LOST! Right? That use to be you and me....Right? We must never forget the scum gutter, that Christ pulled us up out of! To Christ, I am very thankful!  Here is why I like Pat. He is about Freedom. He Hates everyone...and for that I like him. Think about it...some of the many points that Pat makes, are true! He gets right in your face and makes you think. That is exactly what people need. It wakes them up...maybe. People have fallen asleep, so bad, and have been sleeping for so long...... that they take FREEDOM for granted, and now they are about to lose what Freedoms they have left. For an Atheist, at least Pat puts Truth in your face. A lot more than I can say for those that pretend!  I pray, in the Name of Jesus Christ , in agreement with you Eric...that God reaches Pat HIMSELF. I believe that Pat is a pretty reasonable guy. He is just as pissed off as the rest of us, about this messed up world...... And we have been given the Keys to the Kingdom! Many that irritate us...have not! God Bless! Hawk.
Eric Hathaway
Hey what's up? I haven't chatted with Pat in a while, it would be awesome if he would give his life to Jesus Christ! Why are you saying you like hearing an atheist?
On the other side of the Ground Zero Mosque put a titty bar.
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I have no doubt I am a marked user name. At least I hope I am, by both Muslim extremists and Christians.
Joe Serrano
+Islamofascists LOL,....I once read an article that stated that muslim graves in the mideast are unmarked, I think it was when the Saudi King Faisal passed away, thus a poor man is buried in the same manner as a rich man,....as if this were to atone for the rich fatcat's extravagant life style while alive, unmarked graves,.....it would be so funny if a cat or dog or better a pig, were to take a dump on Muhammad's grave! Yikes, some muzzie's gonna see this and declare a fatwah on me! XD
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Happy Hamster
Thanks Pat, a true classic. How rude of us Westerns to accuse Islam of the very things it represents, intolerance, misogyny, hatred of gays, hatred of democracies, well ... hatred of just about anything not Islamic. If Islam is truly 'superior' as they claim, why is the Middle East a continual cauldron of turmoil and chaos, why are Muslims freely killing other Muslims like some demented family feud ... they have the ultimate form of PC culture, except you can lose a hand or a head if you disagree or try to their particular variety of the murderous cult.
Glenn Wilson
United Nations Human Rights Council (HRC) Resolution 16/18, The Istanbul Process – its explicit aim is to enshrine in international law a global ban on all critical scrutiny of Islam and/or Islamic Sharia. So if you tell the truth about Islam you can be charged with a crime. Everyone knows Muhammad had sex with a nine year old girl. With this law calling Muhammad a pedophile would be a crime. This is a Satanic Cult.
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Sayit AsItIs
+Glenn Wilson Be prepared for virus threats when researching this subject particularly when going on to Islamic web sites. Is this some sort of a cover up by the dreaded Human Rights monsters who wouldn't want this to be general public knowledge until the dirty deed is done and we all have to shut up. Including the masterful Pat Cornell?
Sayit AsItIs
+Glenn Wilson Over 90 leading experts on human rights, law, politics and minorities—including UN special procedures as well as representatives of UN Member States—met at the OIC headquarters in Jeddah on Wednesday (June 3) as part of a two-day meeting on how to effectively implement UN Human Rights Council Resolution 16/18 on combating religious intolerance, discrimination, incitement to violence and violence against people due to their religion or beliefs.   Now from my perspective there really is only one religon which is totally intolerant of people  due to their religion or beliefs and that is Islam.  It is a clear interference with our 'freedom of speech' unless Europeans and the rest of the civilized world figure out how to take advantage of this resolution to overcome Islam's hatred of everyone else.
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Wanda Lee
Very brave and honest words.
katrina browne
nuke the lot.save our freedoms from Islam need for control
+katrina browne Wow, you are a genocidal maniac. And so are the 10 people who liked your comment.
heather Gray
Are we seriously too meek to save ourselves from an enemy who blatantly tells their plans and laughs in our faces? We know what they've done for centuries to other races, cultures, sexes and even factions of their own bullshit religion yet invite their fighting age men, in the millions, into our midst. I hope I'm dead before they take over completely. I won't help those barbarians to kill me or my people.
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