The McCartney family talk about 'Linda McCartney, Life In Photographs'





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Published on Jun 10, 2011

The McCartney family talk about the new retrospective photo book and exhibition: 'Linda McCartney, Life In Photographs'

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It is sad to hear all the negative comments on here about the lack of Linda's talents and even the perceived personalities of Paul's daughters. I know that I am old and totally "uncool" but as an American Beatles fan from the time I first saw them on the Ed Sullivan show, and a particular fan of Paul McCartney, I just have to disagree. I remember Paul's reputation as a "lady's man" very well and even remember them having problems in Minnesota when Paul was found with a young girl in his motel room. Linda was also well known in the rock circles, both as a young photographer with a rich father and a "groupie". But when the two of them met, whatever talents Linda had, she obviously had the talent to be woman enough to make Paul McCartney a happy man, seeing him through the hardest times of his life with the break up of the Beatles and deaths in his family. She was a stabilizing female force in his life when the only female force in his life he respected (his mother) had passed away. She gave him a beautiful family, and together, along with her own daughter, who Paul adopted, they remained together until Linda died. Their love for one another went unquestioned. There were never any "cheating" rumors or "break up" rumors in the tabloids like you see with so many celebrities. Their children did not go out and get busted for drugs/alcohol or lewd behavior. And still we criticize. And why? For their expressions? For how we perceive they look? Linda McCartney was a lady, a woman, a wife, a mother, photographer, a light keyboard player and a back up singer. I Know many men and women, including myself, who have accomplished much less in life.
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Jeff, I think you make a good point. Some people are just jealous and aren't going to have anything nice to say about someone they envy no matter what.
Some people are just jealous
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lucy bond
It makes me sad that Linda died so young. She and Paul appeared to have a wonderful relationship (soul mates some would say) true love----and then had beautiful children--inside and out. Sir Paul (it appears) has found another true love and I hope that he and Nancy are always happy. He has brought so much happiness to others with his music. Thank you, Sir Paul. from St.Paul, Minnesota, USA
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Nora Trueworthy Markham
How am I incapable of critical thinking for not assuming I know what someone is like when I've never met them?
Nora Trueworthy Markham
"There were moments when Linda would feel deeply unhappy and depressed about her marriage." I'd be shocked if there were never moments like that for either of them. That's a part of marriage. There's really no great revelation here. Every marriage has its ups and downs. I'm sure the fact that she was married to one of the most desired men in the world took its toll at times. There's no denying she and Paul had a great love in spite of a lot of obstacles. (: and also not sure how much I trust a tabloid magazine...
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Sheila Jacobs
Linda McCartney was one of the nicest people I ever met. She was a genuine and unspoilt person with a deep passion for all she cared about and humility and kindness for everyone. I met her a few times and she never forgot my name even though I'm no celebrity or anyone important!
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Gary Neustrom
Eric Burdon said as much in his autobiography- Linda was one of the most 'real' person he knew in the music world.
pat quinn
It would be interesting to hear how you met her.
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StuTheBru me
No wonder paul is the greatest song writter of all time,how strong must he be to carry on after losing so many close frends,,stu,john,linda,george,his perants,,the list goes on,the show goes on, RIP
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Paul Olsen
+cubomania3 there is no faul.
So did Paul's own death, many people think Paul is Faul.
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Ally Jess
yoko just crashing the lovely picture of the beatles....
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James Anderson
+cubomania3 👎👎👎👎
Quo Tanzient
Linda Epstein, her real Jewish name... was a spoiled rich elitist playing hobby photographer when she bagged McCartney. Yoko met Lennon when he went to see her art show, you tell me who the lesser was in reality.
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Chris News
And now after so many years we can see clearly  how she was really a talented artist, indeed.
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Gloria Marie Ortner
james dean ,yes it was~she was always taking pictures.
WTF? What a dick.
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Ronald Ganze
Gotta love the baby bottle and the whiskey bottle.
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Perfect to put a dash of whisky in the baby milk bottle...best afternoon nap it will ever have ;)
+Sam F Yeah, I was tempted to say that too. Us purists eh? :)
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Paul is happy now. The one legged version of Yoko Ono is gone forever. Paul and Linda had real love. Raised a fine family. You rarely see Paul angry where John was always pissed off about something. George and Ringo seemed fairly grounded. Gee I wonder who brought tension to the band.
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Paul was dominating. That brought tension into the band. And Paul might be Faul as well.
April Gosa
+milestoneman Heather is worse than Yoko if that is possible
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Pat Keegan
Linda added SO MUCH to the harmonies in Wings.  My favorite part of the McCartney sound.  Listen to the album - Venus & Mars.   She was great!
Linda was a very gifted women, she could sing, play piano, take pics... RIP
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