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Free Fallin' Chp 29: "Did you hear the rumor?"





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Uploaded on Jun 7, 2009

i'm so sorry i haven't posted in a while, i was going to on friday, but then i had to rush out of the house to see a movie with my cousins and their kids, then spent the rest of the day with family, and yesterday i spent the whole day with my cousins kids, which is now why i am sore from running around with them and picking them up and spinning them lol but it was fun
drama filled chapter!!! :D


I sat through all my classes bored. I don't know how I would get through the next three months of school. Finally it was time for lunch. I bought my lunch and headed over to where I saw Alex sitting with a few of her friends and Alex introduced me to Maggie and Julie.
"Hey," I said sitting down at the table.
"Hey, did you hear the rumor thats going around?" Alex asked me.
"No," I replied.
"Someone said they saw Joe Jonas in the parking lot today," Maggie said.
"When? This morning?" I asked nervous hoping that no one saw me with Joe.
"No, like a half hour ago," Julie said.
"That's weird. Why would he be here?" I asked although I knew perfectly well that he was dropping off my car for me.
"I don't know, but I think it may be an April Fools prank," Alex said.
"Probably, but it would be so cool to meet them," Maggie said.
"I know right?" Julie added.
"Eh, I don't think it would be as cool as you think," I said.
"Are you kidding?" Alex asked shocked.
"You're right. It is- would be totally awesome and the coolest thing ever!" I said laughing hoping that no one caught my little mess up. Luckily no one did.
"I wish they would go on tour soon," Maggie commented.
"I know! I want to see them in concert so bad," Julie agreed.
"Yeah, me too," both Alex and I said not nearly as excited as Maggie and Julie because, well, we had already seen them in concert, not that we would mind going to see them again. I would never turn down the chance to see the Jonas Brothers perform.
"We'll be back were going to get some more food," Julie said as her and Maggie got up and went to get some more food.
"You know why Joe was here, don't you," Alex asked me.
"Yeah," I replied.
"Well tell him he needs to be more careful unless he wants to be mobbed by screaming girls," Alex joked.
"Don't worry I'll tell him. At least they didn't see him drop me off this morning that could have been bad," I said.
"Well, you could've just told people you're friends," Alex said.
"Well, one do friends kiss?" I asked.
"Oh, never mind then," Alex said slightly laughing.
"Yeah," I said laughing a little as well. "And two I would have to deal with people like Stephanie and Leigh," I added.
"Stephanie and Leigh?" Julie asked as her and Maggie walked back to the table.
"They're the ones that know the Jonas Brothers right?" Maggie asked.
"What?!?!" both Alex and I asked in shock.
"Yeah, the new rumor is that they know the Jonas Brothers and that they went to Boston with them over the weekend and that's why Joe was here today," Maggie explained.
"When I see them next I swear, I'm going to kill them," I said.
"Calm down," Alex said.
"What's wrong?" Julie asked.
"They were my best friends, trust me, they don't know the Jonas Brothers, they're lying," I said.
"You sure you're just not jealous?" Julie asked.
"No, trust me, I know them too. Don't trust anything they say," Alex said.
"Did you hear Stephanie is dating Joe Jonas?" someone asked us as they walked up to our table and then left.
"Okay, that's the last straw!" I said and got up and went to find Stephanie and Leigh.

comment!!! part 2 up in a bit because it's too long!! stupid youtube!! lol


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