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Published on Jul 6, 2011

Hopefully this will end the ongoing argument about the replacement of Anakin's Ghost in Return of the Jedi. Many have said that only his head was replaced with Hayden's , while keeping Shaw's body, while others have claimed that the whole of Anakin was replaced and that Hayden re-filmed this scene while wearing the Jedi Robes.

Well, as you can now see, the ones who said that only the head was replaced are correct.

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This isn't my story, but was posted by another Youtube commenter Jonathan Urbina "Hayden as Anakin at the end isn't a change I agree with... But it's one I understand. After seeing my younger sister watch Star Wars in chronological order, including Clone Wars, the ending had an enormous impact. Hayden's Anakin was her hero and she finally got to see him return to the side of good. The ending was incredible to her and it really made me appreciate it a lot more too. When you look at something through the eyes of a child, it's an incredible thing to see."
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Brian Pomphrey
ShamanMcLamie i showed my little cousin all 6 in chronological too. know what? when Empire came, the "I am your father" scene. she looks at me nd says "well duh. i cant believe no one told him. it was bothering me. stupid". My heart sank. u know that feeling when u FUCKED UP and there is no turnning back? Well i learned a lesson. Maybe if im ever blessed with a kid, they will NOT see 1 2 nd 3 first.
Mute Llanex
I do agree Its known that having Shaw instead Christensen is more logical in terms of the film but as you say the real anakin is the one who was a jedi once
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Vlad Sicoe
I prefer the 2004 version. It's more efective when you watch the whole saga, in chronological order.
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Critic Vs Fanboy
Still it's not ethical.
Arron Pizza
+Vlad Sicoe i know right, these "OGs" never have even 1% respect for the prequels.
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Ivan Lonza
I like this new scene with young Anakin.
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Andrew Chapman
+Ivan Lonza Since Lucas hadn't done the prequels yet, he obviously hadn't given much thought on Anakin's age in the prequels. Hence why Sebastian Shaw was cast at the age he was in Return of the Jedi despite being older than Alec Guinness.
The 94th Sezmo
+strat3g It's supposed to reflect how Anakin died the night he became Vader, also referring to Vader killing Anakin in a Darks-Side Revan vs Light-Side Revan style.
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Amélie G.
For all the people who say it doesn't make any sence because he was older when he died. I think as a ghost you can appear as what you want. Anakin didn't want to be Vader anymore and appeared as Anakin. Yoda and Obi Wan both wanted to appear as what they were at the end because they like themselves like that or they just don't care while Anzkin doesn't wants to appear as Darth Vader.
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Jacob Heward
More like "someone pointed out the obvious conclusion everyone with nostalgia goggles doesn't see"
+Amélie G. Anakin died ,maybe darth vader wasn't "living"
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javi uchiha
Im the only one who preferes the new scene
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Leafy IsNotHere
No there are lots of idiots out there.
+kylo ren if anything, it should look like him without limbs and completely burned. the 2004 version was for the people who watched the movies in chronological order, not in order of release.
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See, when i saw the DVD 2004 release, which was on TV, i saw hayden and i had no idea he was in it, when he showed up, i got chills... seeing him smile like that... like he's happy to see his son, his daughter... he's forgiven for what he's done and can be there with his brother obi wan. The sebastian shaw version is great too but when you indeed watch them in order, this is the optimal way.
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Shit Talk Industries
+Brandon Phillips yes he really does... IN MY OPINION the thing you clearly don't understand, seriously stop judging everyone in the comments and just chill
Brandon Phillips
+ClassyFlims No, he really doesn't...
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Guilherme Moura
I think it's very good, put the young version of Anakin. Because it was there that Anakin Skywalker "died" when he went to the dark side. It gave a much greater impact in the end, especially for those who see in chronological order, I think it was amazing -
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+NetroGamer 64 Sorry, I guess. As of late, I have had ZERO patience for stupidity of any type. If I hadn't quit, I'd probably be going through two packs of smokes a day with all the stupid. It seems to multiply each day, and there is no escape from it. Watch the movie, "Idiocracy." The only comedy to ever become a documentary.
Static Gaming
chill bro I was just kidding lol, I understand dude
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William Jeffrey
As someone who personally just watched these for the first time in chronological order that ending was amazing, I couldn't believe they brought back young Anakin that was awesome!!
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Suspicious Ferret
+Brandon Phillips Holy shit you are an annoying bastard. Every comment has your bad opinion. Fuck off.
♞ Go Fuck Yourself ♞
+Brandon Phillips It's even LESS time consuming to stop commenting and let us like the things you happen to dislike for no logical reason. You're annoying. Like that old song goes: ♫It's ok to not like things. Don't be a dick about the things you don't like.♪ What I'm saying is, stfu kiddo. (P.S. Liking your own comments, I see. Hmm...)
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David Sanist
Obi Wan Kenobi : Welcome back Anakin, to the side of good. Anakin : In my point of view it´s the force ghosts that are evil.
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Unknown Person
XtremeHeatRaiser aka Harry
+Jordan Gonzalez Robot Chicken much?
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Doug M
Too bad the young Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Yoda would have morphed from young to old. I loved the older actor and the smile he gave Luke in 1983.
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+Doug M His character seems to have aged a lot more than 20 years between Episode 3 and Episode 4. Same with Owen and Beru. Tatooine is must be a very unhealthy place to live.
Crusader Nikolai
Fuck the old guy and the young guy...darth vader and empire killing rebel scum fo life
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