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Published on Apr 4, 2010

The final Gym Leader battle of the Kanto region has arrived! Giovanni sports some powerful Touhoumon at or above level 50, so be prepared. Fortunately I had the right Touhoumon with me for this fight. After dispensing with the DCRemilia, it was NekoRemi sweep time, haha.

For this battle I decided to include a random "fun" team that's actually quite powerful: It features 4 types of Wriggle, a Cat version of Remilia and a Beach version of Utsuho. I'll explain them in order:

L Wriggle - "LightngBug": Last Word Wriggle is a Bug/Fighting-type that carries immense Attack, pretty high Spatk (which I EV trained and Nature-caught to improve) ridiculous Speed and lots of HP,with decent defenses. She's also got a great movepool and can even learn some powerful special attacks, such as Morning Sun and Shock Wave, making her all the more dangerous. She's obtained through using a Moon Stone on Wriggle at any time.

EX Wriggle - "Lady Bug": Well, now there's no question that Wriggle is a girl; she looks more womanly than EX Yuka does in this game! She's a pure Bug-type with pretty high stats all around, only lacking in Spatk and slightly lacking in Spdef. She doesn't really need the SpAtk anyway, with all of the powerful physical moves she can learn. She evolves from Wriggle at level 38 if memory serves (Online Touhoudex isn't accurate for the Wriggle family).

B Wriggle - "Beach Babe": This is the sexy beach version of Wriggle, and in my opinion she looks fantastic in that 2-piece. She's Bug/Water-type and has no glaring strengths, but not really any glaring weaknesses statistically. Like all Beach Touhoumon, she can learn Surf, making her that much more diverse. She is obtained by using a Water Stone on Wriggle at any time.

P Wriggle - "Katia": This is the Princess version of Wriggle, a Bug/Grass-type with very high HP. She honestly looks pretty bad at first, especially with the (girly) status-oriented level-up moves she learns early on (Bride Study, Sing, Smile, Fake Tears). However, she soon learns powerful moves such as Signal Beam and Leaf Blade. Realize that Bride Study is like a 5 PP version of Recover and suddenly she's really good! Her ability Infectious (Effect Spore) can make opponents think twice about physically attacking her. She is obtained by using a Leaf Stone on Wriggle at any time.

NekoRemi - "Cat Bat": Behold the adorable Ground/Flying, cat version of Remilia! That look in the Touhou selection screen she's giving us just screams "Why am I dressed like this...oh well, you KNOW I'm adorable, so there." She's actually quite powerful, boasting remotely high HP, great Atk and Def, very high Spd and decent defenses. Her ability Shadow Tag prevents opponents from switching out. She is obtained by using a Leaf Stone on Chibi Remilia at any time.

B Utsuho - "Diver Down": This is the sexy beach version of Utsuho. She's a Fire/Water-type with the ability Water Absorb, meaning she is immune to her former weakness, Water! This dual type she has gives her perfect STAB with Flamethrower and Surf, making her a pain cannon from the get-go and very easy to raise, especially with that very high SpAtk. She is obtained by using a Water Stone on Utsuho at any time.

Current Team:
L Wriggle lvl 51
EX Wriggle lvl 51
B Wriggle lvl 51
P Wriggle lvl 51
NekoRemi lvl 51
B Utsuho lvl 52

Many thanks to the Merry version authors for the wonderfully modified FR game. PM me if you want instructions on how to get it for yourself.

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