The Dark Void Sutra___"Absolute Blackness"___




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Published on Nov 29, 2008

"The Dark Void"

Out of these words of Dharma,
Never should you let arise any belief system of yours.

As a matter of course,
Neither group belief system of any kind should arise.

Satori is the last resort.
To rescue merely an individual,
Out of insanity the person has been trapped within.

Therefore, it's not "the right way",
Not "something great",
not even "useful",
nor will it "change the world".

Nothing matters, only if you alone are relieved.
Truly, it is for an individual self, for one person.

The attachment to the experiences of Satori itself,
The relation between the society and Satori,
The meanings and values of Satori for the future, and so on,
The distinction between Satori and Delusions, and so on.

Any of these self-identification processes, sort of "recurring illusions",
Cut them down by meditating on The Absolute Darkness.

I shall make a point that sounds very egoistic.
"Nothing matters, simply if I am at ease all by myself."

Without any regards to the society nor the world, all needed is my personal peace.
This is the true statue of Satori.

Nothing other than being continuously at ease all by oneself
Can be truly helpful for someone else.

The total absence of any intention to help makes it indeed helpful.

Because the very thought such as "Being helpful, valuable"
Is the Delusion. It is a totally wasted thought.

Similarly, any idea like "Tao, Zen, and Buddhas are valuable to the world"
Is totally delusive.

Look at the people who let themselves caught in this type of delusion.
Not only organized religions,
but meditation groups, Zen temples, all of them.

They firmly identify themselves with the thought;
"We must get Satori",
"We must help others",
"We should serve others",
And it continues, "Let it be", "Drop your mind",..

But true Satori cannot encompasses something "Good", at all.
Because once it starts, the dividing-mind will inevitably produce something "Bad".

So, only the No-knowing can be the relief.
Is the principle of my enlightenment.

The only womb,
where you should "born again"
Is The Absolute Nothingness.

Absolutely meaningless Darkness.
It is an absolute barren world.

Therefore, if you make the Darkness your home and face it,
Nobody, no belief system, no values
Can possibly make superficial coatings upon your consciousness.

Whatever coatings may it be, it's "Nothing" in front of the Darkness.
Anything added on you, will peal off after a while.

It will eventually swallow and nullout even Satori at the end.

So, there is only one guiding master for your lifetime.
Only The empty Dark Void.

Be intimate with The Dark Void.
The only true Guide is the Darkness.

In any Ages, any Universes,
"The Master Guru of The Master Guru" has been the Darkness.

Don't take anyone, anything else as the Guide,

The Darkness is the Guide for everyone.
Including all dimensions, fauna and flora,
It's The Guru for all and everything.

This is how, eventhough it died as formal temples
"Only The Zen lineage of Dharma" has survived till our days.

It's all because of The Darkness of The Void,
which meditators and Zazen practitioners stayed face to face.

On each enlightenment --on each glimpse, sobering up,
Again and again dipped into the Darkness, should one deepen The Meaninglessness.
This way, Satori truly stays Satori.

Otherwise, one day, even Satori would become a "Religion".
Would become a "Logic". A"Technique".
A "Way".

Don't turn "Nothing" into something.
"Nothing" will be "always Nothing".

In truth, what makes you at ease?
In reality, where will you feel at home the most?

The answer is The Dark Void.

The world, universe, values,
When all these are gone,
One feels refreshing.

The true home of yours
Is "The Dark Void". Absolute Nothingness. The absolute death.

I have repeatedly told my disciples.

The next step of Satori as just "exiting" is the last one.

Up to the existential nature of just "being" can be told.
There are also methods and ways.

Relations with the human society, as well.
It is a pure simple existence.

Harmless and sometime strange walks in the midst of the life.

But after that, just a dimension of "Non-exitence".

It's not even a dimension any more.

Darkness, Darkness, Darkness, Darkness.

Not even Satori. Total Nothingness.

The Absolute Nothingness.

Just Nothingness.

No more logic,
No more meditation,
No more Satori,

Everything gone away.

And You,
Also Existence,

Then the Universe itself,
All gone.

Absolutely infinite,
infinite Nothingness





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