Living Forever and the After-Life - Part #2!





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Published on Aug 20, 2012

If you could live forever, would you miss the possibility of an afterlife? If immortality was an option, would you take the plunge?This may seem like sci-fi fantasy speculation, but life extension technologies and techniques are on the horizon - we need to be prepared! The Common Room is here in Part #2 to take a long hard look at the promise and potential nightmare of everlasting life.

If you could become an immortal, would you choose to? Would it matter if it was just you, or possibly friends and family as well? What would you use your everlasting life for? Or would the negatives be too significant - loneliness, loss of meaning, no afterlife, etc? Are there positives or negatives we didn't think of? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

We'd like to thank Mark Register, Anthoney Rey Perez, Samantha Schacher and Hermela Aregawi for joining us in the Common Room!

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did the patent office really fire half of its employees in 1905? because i cant find anything about that with google.
Connor Wiebe
The logic in their conclusions doesn't add up. They are saying that they are willing to die simply because they fear the future, wont be productive or will get bored. Think of how ridiculous and arbitrary this line of reasoning is; it doesn't make sense and no logical, right-minded person would ever answer like this. This is what's really going on: like we've seen all throughout history in human behaviour, we have a vested interest in believing that which benefits us, hence religion. It's extremely beneficial for Sam to "own" the fact that she is going to die and pretend she's happy with it in the exact same way a muslim woman pretends she enjoys wearing a burka, which is another video I just watched by you guys incidentally. That's what all these people are doing, they are paying lip service to their primal minds. Believing that there is a loving god in heaven with my family waiting for me is so extremely comforting that we naturally want to lean towards these kinds of beliefs. But this is an incorrect way to formulate our beliefs and goes against logic which is the absolute foundation for progress. The prospect of there being a God is very unlikely, the likelihood of an afterlife is even extremely more remote. There really isn’t even a debate to be had. Apply what we know about the universe, about existence, about the nature of life, about reality, apply those understandings and the implications of that knowledge, to any other topic and there would be immediate, blatant consensus. But because it has to do with our existence, our very essence, we subconsciously refuse to come to terms with Occam’s Razor. Death is the strongest motivator in our primal mind's arsenal. I have this theory that not a single mentally-stable human being actually believes in religion or that there is an afterlife. I think that even the pope deep down, subconsciously doesn't truly believe. We as humans are inherently too intellectual and thus genuinely can't force ourselves as hard as we try to embrace these ideas. It's our primal instincts which encourage the adoption of this faulty logic. We need to stop political correctness in its tracks and start a healthy stigma towards holding these delusional beliefs. Unfortunately, we will probably be one of the last generations to die before we find a way to decode consciousness through a deeper understanding of quantum mechanics perhaps. Oh and I would love to see how fast these people would scramble to sign up to live forever if it were to become a reality.
FoolsGold 47.01011
if u live forever.....you are not a human anymore....just sayin.....
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FoolsGold 47.01011
everyone with a working mind can see that everything will go to shit soon.......
Fuk You
These people, their beliefs are who they are.  They are so fucking dangerous with how stupid they are and the ignorance they parade.  This is why humanity is fucked, because most people believe in the same line of (non) reasoning.  They are completely delusional.  I question the morality of people like this.  They talk about being evil if you had no god or afterlife to answer to (if you lived forever).  So they are evil people deep down that only do "good" things to get into their non-existent heaven.  It's frightening that most people are like this.      They don't have the logic to know what's real or not or the decency to do good without the threat of damnation.  
Mangaman manga
these people are so wrong i mean there most likely thinking that they would live the same way, so dont listern to them, I WOULD LOVE TO LIVE FOREVER WITH YOUTH cuz there are sooooooooo meny thing to see and to do 90 years is not enough!
I'll Tell Ya What
They would become Dr. Manhattan without the blue.
if eternal life was a gift for the world I think i should go to an Entrepreneur who is very intelligent and will improve the world and it environment over time for future generations to be able to live.
Nick Withford
I dunno I'm 14 and if my time comes tomorrow or tonight I will sing the death song like a soldier going home.
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This would've been an interesting discussion if it wasn't being made between religious people... Throw an actual atheist in the mix
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