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Published on Jun 1, 2012

During the reentry of SpaceX's Dragon capsule, NASA and the United States Navy flew a P-3 Orion Cast Glance aircraft to capture airborne views of the spacecraft's descent. The aircraft, based at the Navy's VX-30 squadron at the Naval Air Station Point Mugu, Calif., was able to record Dragon's reentry, parachute chute deployment and the capsule in the water. Dragon splashed down at 11:42 a.m. EDT on May 31 in the Pacific Ocean, more than 560 miles off the coast of Baja California. During its mission, Dragon became the first commercial spacecraft the rendezvous and berth with the International Space Station, paving the way for future commercial cargo delivery flights.

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Donna Mixon
Please tell me the people who are commenting on this realize exactly HOW FAST these things are really moving. They aren't floating by like butterflies people. 
It is strange that we are using basically the same technology as was used in the Gemini missions 50 years ago.  We have not been able to develop the super strong materials or the very powerful engines or the very reliable life support systems that were envisioned for our age by some of the sci-fi writers back then.  We are making some progress, but using parachutes seems so old fashioned. 
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billy pilgrim
what do you expect from people who huff spray paint or drink 3 bottles of robotussin in a row for fun? how many working brain cells can they possibly have???
Why is it that in all these splashdowns including the Russian ones they can't keep the capsule in frame? They always get hung up on showing the chutes and you don't see the landing.
Are the chutes recovered too? They look like incredibly large fish nets. If they are recovered, are they used again?
pretty bald burned at the side. not optimal.
Oxley Pilot
Now I sit in confusion and wonder who is ill informed here when i look whats happening at VG then your statement of "The ROI of a winged aircraft is not there yet" ... to me does not make sence does it, it looks to me like it is in closing stages doesnt it, when reading Virgin Galactics website that was created by ill informed people. My statement stands Sir, I will be impressed when someone takes off from a runway goes to space and comes back. 
Oxley Pilot
Look sir, not to be funny but google something like Virgin Galactic or XCOR Aerospace's or even NASA ... some ill informed person I am for reading, and the Ill informed people at NASA for posting that on their website. Youre american rite ? youre the people that say thing like were the best ... we get there first ? 
Oxley Pilot
GOOGLE my friend GOOGLE ... learn a few things before you open your mouth to change feet. besides my point was WHY LEARN RE INVENTING THE WHEEL WHEN ITS BEEN DONE BEFORE ... 
Jarrah White
Awesome! I've been looking for the colour videos of the splashdown, until now I was aware only of the infrared video.
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