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Published on Aug 21, 2012

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In today's show we talk about Malarious! Todd Akin not stepping down, Leo's girlfriends, and everything else that mattered to me.

ALL of today's Stories:
We Love Madalina Ghenea:

Todd Akin Isn't Stepping Down:


Women Banned From Iran University:

Tony Nicklinson Denied Euthanasia

Leo... for you, ladies ;)

Who Leo Has Dated:


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Lizzie Nelson
Yes because if this person is no longer or will ever, in the future, be able to experience the beauty and miracle of life they should have the right to end the eternal pain they are feeling.
Zerumphrey Kerumphrey
Everything here turns into a religious battle. Basically what my opinion of the first topic is, rape is bad, babies and births are usually good. Keeping the baby is up to the mother normally in this time.. This could have
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Shock Foxx
I don't know about y'all but it really surprises me that many women get pregnant from being raped.
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Dangerz Own
Ok, I can step in here again, I've read the Bible. If the "Holy Book," the sacred text that was written by prophets of the all knowing God himself as he specifically instructed them to write it, why would it be wrong? For instance, the Bible says the world is flat, that is obviously incorrect. Another example, the Bible also says that the human race came from a man and a woman created from one of his ribs. Evolution is now a proven fact. Sorry buddy, maybe there's a God but he's not known to us.
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Im sorry, but anyone who thinks rape has a positive outcome or is a "blessing" in any way is fucking stupid and deserves to be raped, so they can share in the "blessing"
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Adriana Ruttledge
okay, the body of a woman can natural abort a baby if she does not know she is pregnant, but that is very rare, normally a woman will get pregnant even if she does not think she will be pregnant. So he did not give all he facts and is mostly wrong
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Gerry Allwin
Sperms are stored in the "crypts," microscopic recesses in the cervical passage and can live and retain potency for as long as ten days. They are, sort of, "metered" out gradually to cover the five days of cervical mucus production with a continual supply of viable sperms.All this information is readily available at a "Human Reproductive Biology 101" level textbook. Don't rely on know-nothing commenters on blogs. Go to actual authoritative sources.University level classes in "HRB 101" are available for FREE on the internet, taught by the best professors, not the usual incompetent, unmotivated teachers, who are just biding time to retire on full pension, at your local community college.
Papa Of The Johns
Better and more capable? I hope you're joking.
Godwin argument 1:30
ernest newberry
How are rape babies a blessing, I understand babies can be great but they got RAPED TO HAVE THE BABY!
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