Battlefield 3 Gun Sounds vs Modern Warfare 3





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Published on Nov 12, 2011

Battlefield 3 vs Modern Warfare 3, various gun sounds comparison. Check it out to see who wins. Sound scheme is Wartapes in BF3.

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DICE recorded the sounds with a shooting range and Infinity Ward recorded off of airsoft guns
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Jack Mosher
RockStarWolf you gotta give them credit. some of them were paintball guns
I have no idea if I'm supposed to be impressed Sledge Hammer used "layers", but we all know Battlefield has always, and will always have better gun sounds. That's what happens when a shitty developer tries new things when they release games, instead of the re skin of a COD game every year.
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Mozilla FireFox
I'm a cod player, but I have ears so the winner goes to bf3
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NeVeSkI krachenko
Yup bro Especially bf3 weapon sounds I love it So I rating bf3 5 stars And for bf4 the pic and fbs bAd on ps3 and maps sucks and weapons also so I vote to bf3 
Kobe Mendoza
NeVeSkI krachenko I agree so much I loved bf3
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enraged tomato
BF3 sounds like an actual gun COD sound like someone punching some old mashed potatoes
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Vinny Blackketter
CrazySkullGamer Do you have ears?
Help me reach 100 subs
CrazySkullGamer So what's the truth?
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Le Lenny
Once you go BF you never go back.
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Steven Bills?
bobinbox 123 you're making no sense it's not bullshit if it happened to me so yes it's possible and therefore not bullshit. god it's funny how there really are people in the world who prefer a children online daycare over a more epic large scale choice giving more options and more players, more realistic as well. also it didn't happen to you because you suck and you don t get the realistic physics of battlefield, you're trained from the unrealistic shitfest of cod
bobinbox 123
Gay Z it didn't to me so it is bullshit
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God, I miss Battlefield 3.
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blarghinatelazer well if you had an Xbox one with bf3 on Xbox 360 you could play it on Xbox one for free.
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Amin Barray
just me jerking sounds louder than cod weapon sounds
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raptinator 98
+amin barray Yes, just change ur profile pic, and trap jennifer lopez in a locked room and brain wash her to provide us fame (shes the only one left). nevermind
raptinator 98
+Fubar 23 OMG HI
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CS Judgement
we all know that DICE are the masters of sounds
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+Yamdarnocnivek (つ・・)つ¤=[]:::::::>
Arma sucks without sound mods. with them though :D
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Classical Music11
CoD sounds terrible. BF3 gun sounds are clearly superior, IMO.
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Classical Music11, I agree, some bf3 guns are too overpowered. vice versa with cod mw3 where they are underpowered. the mw3 a SVD has the clink like an old Soviet riffle while the bf3 is more modern
M2G maxwell2gaming
in the first cod the guns sounds are not recorded from real guns the sounds that infinity ward use are just rock only
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Oh it's just a Chicken nugget
The rocket launchers in COD sound like everyone in the house is sleeping and they trying to be quiet
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Ding Ding
Tbh tho the rpg in cod looks badass, but yeah
товарищ курва
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Jaelon Mycyk
bf always wins this shit
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Maximum Drive
André Aguilar Arroyo lmao fanboy
Kevin Daly
Sarge that actully sounds fun
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