-Two Hearts- A Justin Bieber Love Story Chapter One





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Uploaded on Jun 17, 2011

Hey guys, I'm starting a new story today, hope you like it!
*Alex's POV*
The grunting and panting of the car engine came to a halt. I pulled my seat belt over my shoulder and picked up my drawing pad. "Honey! We're here!" Dad called. I smiled slightly, getting out of the car and slamming the door. He placed his hand on my shoulder. "I know, it's hard. I have a good feeling about this place!" He smiled. I sighed. "Dad, you've said that for the past 6 years, and we've still ended up moving everywhere" I said. He frowned. "Somewhere knew, but I'm telling you Alex I can feel it somewhere, this place may be good" He grinned. I rolled my eyes and sighed, grabbing my bags out of the back of the truck and heading inside. I dropped them lightly, looking around the empty, hollow house. "Nice huh?" He smiled. His voice echoed around the house, it was pretty big. "It's okay" I said. I grabbed my stuff and head up the stairs.

"Dinner sweetie!" Dad shouted. I let out a loud sigh, throwing down my drawing pad and heading down the stairs. Dad handed me a plate of pizza and fries. "Thanks dad" I mumbled. "Cheer up!" He said, banging on the table, making me jump. I giggled. "Dad" I laughed.

The next day, I got up, got dressed:http://www.polyvore.com/alex/set?id=3... straightened my brown, shiny hair and freshened up. "Alex, hurry up you'll be late for school!" Dad hissed. I took a sip out of the milk carton and grabbed an orange, throwing it into the air and catching it. "Come by the garage later today, I need you to help me with something" He smiled. "Sure" I replied. "Bye!"
I got onto my motorcycle, sorting out my bangs before I put on my helmet. People we're staring at me as they walked past, hadn't they seen a girl on a motorcycle before? I shook my head lightly, and drove down the path and onto the road.

"Welcome to South Shore High miss Marshall, do you need help finding homeroom?" My new principal Mr Edwards asked. "No, I'm sure I can find it" I smiled. "Okay, well have a good day" He nodded. "Thanks" I replied. I glanced up at the clock, I didn't want to be late on my first day. I looked down at my map, and started to follow the steps it showed to homeroom. I led up to a room, with a blue door and no window. Great. I tried to open it, but it was locked. I rolled my eyes, and knocked. A tall man, with grey hair and beady black eyes opened it. "Ah, Miss Marshall, how convenient of you" He said, turning his nose up at me. "Uh, sorry for being late, I got lost" I mumbled. The class snickered. I raised my eyebrows, I wasn't scared of any of these kids, what's the worse that can happen? "You didn't get any help?" He said. "I could of, but I didn't want any. I'm a independent person" I smirked. "Hm, well welcome to South Shore, I'm Mr Pudenda" He said. "Thanks, Mr Pudenda" I replied. He passed over a timetable, for the week.
Period 1:
Chemistry with Miss Barnes

Period 2:
French and languages with Mr Chan

Period 3:
Gym with Mrs Constance

Period 4:
Math with Mr Ell

Period 5:
English and Poetry with Miss Hughes

Period 6:

Period 7:
Arts with Mr Slays

Period 8:
Free Period.

I smiled at my timetable. Free period, I can get some off my wood chop in!
The bell rang, and I made my way over to the chemistry lab, which was only up the stairs and left. Half was a lab, half was a classroom. I was assigned next to a guy called Jeremy. "Hi" I started. He screwed his face up, like he had never been spoken to before. "Hello" She said quietly. I ran my fingers through my hair, and got out my drawing pad. "Morning class!" Miss Barnes shouted over the class. The class mumbled. "What are you doing?" Jeremy asked, peering over my shoulder. I closed the pad shyly. "Nothing" I mumbled, placing it back in my bag. "That looked good! Show me!" He smiled. "No, it's nothing" I shuddered. He opened the pad, and flicked through my doodles and drawings. "Your really good, are you getting into art school?" He asked, handing me back the pad. I placed it in my bag and shrugged. "Depends, it's either art or mechanics for me" I laughed. "Mechanics?" He said. "A girl?"
I rolled my eyes. "Yes, a girl"

The bell rang, my free period was finally here! I picked up my chem books, and placed them in my locker. "Hey" Jeremy smiled. "Hey" I replied. Jeremy was in my homeroom, and all of my lessons, we had become quick friends. "What are you doing for free period?" He asked. "Wood chop" I smiled. He raised his eyebrows. "Your not much of a girl are you?" He asked. I laughed. "I was raised by a man, and he's into mechanics, blame him"
Jeremy smiled. "Where's your mom?"
I bit my lip. "She's dead" I said quietly. Jeremy stayed silent. "Sorry" He mumbled. "It's fine, don't worry about it" I smiled. He smiled too. "Well I have football practice, so I'll see you later?" He smiled. "Sure, bye" I replied.

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